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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Thanksgiving 2021


        Hello, gentle readers! Hope you all had a lovely Thanksgiving holiday!
        I know I did. This author (and DH) left their comfort zone for a few days (we are not seasoned travelers though I’m better than the DH) and went to Texas to spend the holidays with our son and his girlfriend. It was the first time in over thirty years that I did not cook (though I did bake…I had requests for my ‘knock your socks off’ cheesecake and ‘tickle your tongue’ deviled eggs).
        So, I assumed, when we got off the plane, that it would be a rather quiet family dinner with some of their friends. Boy, was I wrong! The DH and I got the biggest, best surprise. My son and his girlfriend, unbeknownst to us, made arrangements with DH’s brother (whom he hasn’t seen in almost 18 years) and his wife to surprise us with a visit.
We were both blown-away, not only seeing them come strolling into the yard, but because my son and his girlfriend love us enough to make it happen.
        It couldn’t have been more perfect!
        I will admit, I cried when I saw them. And I cried a little more later on…actually, I got misty-eyed several times over the course of a few days (which is so unusual for me!). Some of those tears were from laughing though because we laughed a lot, so much so that my ribs are still sore!
        Dinner was fantastic (oh my gosh! So much food!). My son smoked a turkey and his girlfriend roasted one in the oven (she injected it with Cajun spices and it was fabulous!). Tried, for the very first time EVER green bean casserole. I liked it. And stuffing made with hot and sweet andouille sausage (with bits of apple and walnuts), which was so good I had seconds.
        To finish off the week visiting Texas, I got a pedicure (my first one in two years) and then we took a cruise on the lake at sunset. So lovely (and yes, a little cold…colder than Phoenix!).
        We are home now and back to the usual routine. The dogs are happy to see us (my wonderful neighbors took excellent care of them), but they seem to be leery every time I leave the house now. It’s okay though. They’ll have forgotten by the time next Thanksgiving rolls around. Not sure if this is a new tradition, but I’m game if it is. 

Stay well! Stay safe! And remember to spread kindness wherever you go!