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Wednesday, May 11, 2022

Beautiful Russian Monster (A Vancouver Mafia Romance) by Odette Stone

 Her grandfather, a shipping tycoon, is missing, and Blaire is kidnapped by a frightful Russian man.  What else can go wrong?

Viktor has a mission, different than his former position in the Russian Mafia, but somewhat the same.  He needs to be stealthy and better than his opponent because there are no "ties" in this game.  

In order to save his tight friends, Viktor steals Blaire who is supposed to have the answers he needs.  If she can help him find her grandfather, he can save his friends.  Quite a mess of steps to get to the end of the maze.

Constant action, bad timing, luck, and ingenuity not only reveals clues to the end, but a bond between the captor and captured.  

Viktor has no use for a needy woman in the future and Blaire can't imagine this ruthless man as anyone who could have compassion.  Little by little, they work together to get what they want, which may include a first date...


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