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Wednesday, June 8, 2022

The Duchess and the Highwayman by Beverley Oakley

 The early eighteen hundreds in Norfolk, England is rough on the young ladies.

Phoebe may be known as Lady Drummond, but she isn't treated like a lady.  Her ailing husband, Ulrick, has abused her and left her for his cousin, Wentworth, to create an heir before Ulrick dies.

Ulrick's death is surprisingly fast and gruesome leaving Pheobe to run from an upcoming accusation.  She acts as a maid and runs without money, direction, or any hope of survival.

An alleged highway man, Hugh Redding, saves her from Wentworth who is pounding down on his horse within a stone's throw.

No one can know she's really Lady Drummond.  Not even the man with crystal blues eyes who takes her to his rented cabin.

Hugh and Phoebe are honest about their ambitions in taking Wentworth down, each for strong reasons.  Their true identities are kept deep in their pockets even as their hands begin to roam over each other.

A few details may make it hard for Hugh and Phoebe to keep their idyllic dreams a part of the future.  Let's see if they can make their way past the hidden truths and the law chasing Phoebe and make the rest of their lives a happily-ever-after.

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