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Wednesday, June 22, 2022

Not You, It's Me by Julie Johnson

 It's great when you hear a woman using the line "It's not you, it's me" instead of the man.  Gemma Sommers is well acquainted with saying that.  She doesn't believe love is a real emotion that she can attain after many pathetic dating experiences.

Such as at the beginning of her story, she's dating her apartment neighbor who can barely pay attention to her.

This is evident when Mr. Gorgeous, Chase Croft, saves her on screen with a smothering, in a good way, kiss.  Her boyfriend is standing right next to her and doesn't even notice, by the way.  The rest of Boston sees it.

Gemma has a creative job at an art gallery where she sells exclusive art.  Her apartment is small and full of color just as she wants it.  Her funds are low, but she's pleased with her lifestyle.

Chase has a different type of problem.  His bank account is exploding, woman love him, and his penthouse is spacious.  He thinks he doesn't have room for the right woman, yet he seeks out Gemma as his art consultant.

Sounds easy for them to fall in love, but Gemma is short on the trust theory and Chase has a meddling family and doubts of his own ability to run his business and treat Gemma in the way she deserves.

It's a fun read as the insecurities of each are hashed out, thrown against the wall, and hope to reach the finish line in a compatible manner!

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