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Wednesday, October 12, 2022

The Maid by Nita Prose

Sometimes it might be nice to look at life in a simple and easy way to live.  That will keep things moving along in a steady and manageable path.
Molly Gray didn't choose this agenda, but rather it chose her.  She has trouble interpreting what people mean by their actions and words and how to respond.  Her gran used to decipher situations for her and lead her in a proper direction, but after gran's passing Molly is left on her own.

She'll do fine.  Highly motivated to be the best maid at the Regency Grand Hotel, her four years as a maid and quarter century learning from her gran make a pleasing repertoire. 
 Sure that her impeccable work ethic will impress him, Molly makes a morning trip through the bar of the hotel to greet Rodney, the bartender.  She's sure his good looks are just a bonus to the engaging young man.  His pleasant hello's are soon to turn to a second date.
The other employee Molly visits with daily is Juan Manuel.  There's a mutual respect between the two and and a true friendship.  
Molly's well planned life turns into a hurricane when a top client of the hotel is found dead by herself.  
She doesn't have gran to figure out what she should do or how to answer to the police when they charge her with murder.
But Molly isn't alone.  Friends she didn't know she had come to her aid.  
It's a delightful and easy read.  With a mystery solved in crime and the a mystery of which man is her true soulmate come to a happily ever after.

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