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Friday, December 2, 2022


 Hey, ya'all, how the heck are ya? Did you survive your tryptophan-induced coma? LOL Well, I avoided it this year by doing burnt ends instead and it was freaking yummy!!! But I gotta be honest...I sort of missed all that went with the "bird thing". And I thought I could go without a pumpkin pie. Well...that will never happen again. Apparently, I cannot because I have been craving one for a week now. Sigh. Guess I'm gonna have to make a trip to the store soon 'cuz it ain't goin' away.

So...that said, let's talk about one of the days I had last week. I've decided to call it an "undone day" of those days where nothing gets done, seems like everything you try to do either won't get done or unravels later to leave you feeling...well....undone. An undone day is something you really do need to take seriously, as it can easily lead to a series of explosions. Let me 'splain what I mean.

First you make the coffee. But when you go to do that, you find that the coffee pot has been closed up in the dishwasher overnight and you forgot to run it the night before...undone step #1. So you decide to rescue the pot, start the dishwasher, and wash out the pot by hand...but the dish soap dispenser is empty...undone step #2. You go in search of more dish soap and find there is none because you forgot to order it the last time you got groceries (#3), so you settle for washing the pot out with hand soap.  Don't judge...we all know I'm dysfunctional.

The next thing is to put coffee in the little basket, but the coffee canister is empty as well (#4). This prompts a flurry of frantic activity as you search for a full container of coffee in the bottom of your chest freezer, only to find the coffee covered over with frozen gems you had no clue were in there. You finally tunnel down to the coffee, manage to get both the coffee and the water into the coffeemaker and you walk away, forgetting to hit the "on" button (#5). Ten minutes later when you return, still comatose, to pour a cup of coffee, there is nothing to pour.  Sigh. You hit the button and go to find something else to screw up.

Hungry, you decide that a bowl of hot cereal sounds good, and you have become very adept at making it in the microwave in less than 3 minutes. Perfect! But after the cereal has been made, butter and sweetener added, you find that you are out of milk (#6). Seriously? So you try adding a little water to thin it...because you like making it very thick...but it just dilutes the taste. Time to try coffee creamer. Other than adding the flavor of caramel, it actually works well enough to be edible.  (Finally, something goes right!) decide it would be a good idea to carry breakfast to your bedroom where you are writing in your recliner this morning. All goes well and you get it there without mishap. But...while eating your cereal, you get distracted and set the bowl down on the table...well, sort of on the table. And because it's not fully seated, it tips off the edge and launches hot cereal across the carpet in a five-foot arch of gooey mess quickly soaking into your precious carpet. You run for the carpet cleaner, only to find that you only have half a squirt left (#7).


(it is also where I quit counting undone events)

Well, that's the story about the morning I found myself kicking footwear across my bedroom...flipflops and cowgirl boots airborne in all directions.  It's my story, explosive and eruptive, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast! 

Love ya,

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  1. Awwww come on over and we’ll try to make you a cup of coffee here. Don’t count on perfect tho.

  2. ROFL A coffee connoisseur I am not! I keep a running pot of cold coffee in the fridge and what we don't drink in a day goes into the cold pot for tomorrow. It's not about the taste of the's about the lifeline. LOL

  3. Oh girl! Sounds like the perfect storm to insanity! Hopefully the day got better from there!!

  4. You handled that way better than I would have! Wowser!!