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Wednesday, December 7, 2022

Books and the Holidays

 This is all about a happy holiday season and the things you give (up) and what gets done (or not)!

I'll start with what I've given and hope it makes a difference.  I've given a donation to my favorite charity, which helps domestic animals that are found to not have a happy life.  My hope is their lives are made better.  All animals should be spoiled.  

I also planted eight trees, maple, redwood, birch, and others, to help clarify the air.  Not to mention more shade and beauty all around.  

I compliment people for no reason at all.  Everyone should feel good about themselves, which can spread like a smile.

Moving on, I've given up trying to get a whole novel read this month.  Too many things keeping me busy.  By the time I want to sit down and soak in a great story, my heavy eyelids win out.

I always have a list of "Things to Do".  Now, this list can get out of hand.  I love to cross off what gets done, hoping to leave time to read or write.  Unfortunately, there's a pen laying around ready to keep adding necessary ideas.  The list never ends, and my lonely book or e-reader sits on the table glaring at me.  I think I made that up!

Overall, I've gotten a lot done and given my time resourcefully.  Yet, I won't give up on reading and writing or eventually getting another story read or written!

Keep your holiday season happy and peaceful!


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