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Friday, April 21, 2023


Hey gang, how are ya all?  Doing good at this end, and hoping all of you are, as well.  Huge hugs to everyone out there! 

Well, today’s blog is about stupid texting…which is the art of texting while stupid. Now, just to be clear…this doesn’t have to be a permanent state…although it can be with some. 

But what I am really talking about here are those temporary fugue states that come over us when we are least aware of it and most ill-prepared to deal with it...never mind actually fixing it. 

You got those? 

Well, I certainly do...and most of them happen first thing in the morning before the coffee has had a chance to fully kick in. 


So, this was the state I found myself in this morning…in between physical awakening and mental awakening. I generally am even aware of being in that fugue state and can tell you I am, if asked. 

However, it does not stop me from texting.  Sort of like drunk texting when you know you’re drunk, and you know that texting your BFF at midnight is a bad idea. But, somehow, it seems like the thing to do in the moment. 


Well, that was me. 

I had received a link from a friend yesterday that I wanted to forward to my cousin.  So I clicked on the message and forwarded it. 

So far, so good. 

But then I didn’t realize my phone had switched me back to the message stream from where the message had originated.  So I’m back in my friend, Patti’s, message stream…but thought I was still in my cousin Glenna’s message stream. 

A couple of minutes later, I noticed a message at the bottom of the stream that said, “Thanks for sharing that!”  So, I responded, “Sure.” Then I followed that text up with another that said, “I got that from my friend, Patti.” 

Now…I thought I had responded to all of my outstanding texts, and that my cousin Glenna had received only the original message with the link I had forwarded. All was well. 

Because I was in the wrong message stream, I had actually responded to my message to Patti from yesterday, thanking her for sharing the link. 


  • First, Patti gets a message out of the blue saying, “Sure,” followed by a second message that reads, “I got that from my friend, Patti.” I’m sure her first thought was, “Huh?” Then the second thought was probably that she should call an ambulance to my house because I was surely having a seizure or a stroke or something significant.

  • Second, I realize that I have actually responded to myself, in that the message that triggered my confusion came from…well, me. 

So, while it is normal for me to talk to myself when alone at the house, I’m now texting to myself? 

Or am I? 

Technically, I sent the message to Patti…in response to me…while trying to send a message to Glenna…in response to me…after sending a message to Glenna that I got from Patti. 

If, nowhere in that scenario did I intend to text myself, does it still count? 

I say NO!  Emphatically and without doubt.

Well, that’s my story, stupid and senseless, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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  1. I wouldn’t want you any other way.
    Cousin Glenna

    1. Well, it's a damn good thing because I only come in one model. I've tried to straighten up and fly right, but the wings keep coming off.

  2. I agree with Glenna, we love you as is. No retooling necessary!