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Wednesday, April 26, 2023

Courting Catherine (the Calhoun Women) by Nora Roberts

The Towers sits on a cliff in Maine.  Beautiful and majestic until a closer look at the need for repair puts Catherine "C.C." Calhoun in a struggle with her sisters and Aunt Coco on how to afford the costly mansion and keep it from falling into disrepair.

C.C. owns and works diligently at her auto shop.  Her temper is good for creating adrenaline in getting the vehicles repaired to perfection.  Dirty clothes and grease smeared regularly on her hands and face can give an unusual first impression.

Trenton St. James arrives in-tow with his broken down BMW.  Work boots sticking out from under a car aren't telling of the woman who pops out from underneath.  And the surprises never end as C.C.  lets him know she won't put up with his demanding and callous order to fix his car fast.

He's in town to buy the Towers and change it into a luxury hotel.  That's what he does all over the country, and this is just another business deal.

Parts need to be ordered.  Trenton is stuck in town.  Out of her family, C.C. is the only one that isn't aware of Trenton's offer to stay at the Towers until they run into each other in her house.

Aunt Coco, deciding that if their home is to be sold, at least one of her nieces is going to get a marriage out of it.  Not sure which one, she sets up a séance.  This is one of my favorite passages as the women sit around, with the invited Trenton, and believe their ancestors are sending a message. 

Trenton is usually all business, but something warm and familial draws out his feelings, ones he didn't know he had.  When C.C. begins to treat him more like a human being, something sparks to the surprise of everyone.

The problem is, will Trenton still buy the house and kick the women out of their dream life, or will he find a way to help them and stay in C.C.'s heart?

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