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Wednesday, April 12, 2023

What Happened to the Bennetts by Lisa Scottoline

 Jason Bennett chooses to believe in the law, which drove him to own a court reporting business.  He even drives the speed limit.  

One day, out on a drive with his family, wife, daughter, son, and dog, their car is tailgated.  Jason makes the decision to get out and confront the driver.

Big Mistake.

The confrontation results in two deaths followed by the FBI showing up at his home.  Highly suggested by the agents, Jason and his family enter the witness protection program.  their life is left behind and the family begins to unravel, including Jason's marriage.

After an astounding truth is revealed, Jason decides he's the only one that can get the family's life back.  He uses his access to court records and puts the details together and creates a plan.  

The plan isn't full-proof, and his family will never be whole again, but Jason is willing to risk his life and hope for a good outcome.  He has two objectives. First, reveal the "bad guys" and get out of the witness protection program.  Second, love and trust need to be restored in his marriage.  The last item on his list is without a plan.  He doesn't know if his marriage can be salvaged or if he wants it anymore.  Is the love strong enough to get through the trouble created?

Scottoline  is a great suspense author, although I think she could have reduced the first 200 pages to about seventy-five.  Once the story gets to the "astounding truth", the novel speeds along and she's got her groove with the suspense.

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