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Wednesday, June 21, 2023

Cora's Pride (Wilderness Brides, Book 1) by Peggy L Henderson

 Independent and never willing to give up, Cora Miller makes up her mind that she will lead her two sisters and brother on the Oregon Trail.  It's not an ideal plan in 1852.  Every wagon is required to have a man leading, her brother too young, and Cora's new husband up and left to follow the gold trail.

Repeatedly betrayed by men, Cora trusts no one but herself and siblings.  With hard work, they can make the trail.  Ignorance might not be as blissful as the cliché claims.  

Nathaniel Wilder  doesn't see himself as irresponsible, but rather adventurous.  He constantly roams the wilds of the forests and mountains in search of life.  He always returns to the trapper whom raised him and his brothers with bounty for all.  The respectable thing to do when he meets up with someone who needs a hand is to help them.

Perfect timing when Nathaniel encounters Cora and family in dire need of assistance as marauders plan to take advantage of them.  Cora stubbornly declares she is fine on her own, yet Nathaniel secretly keeps a distant eye on the travelers.

Several mishaps later, and an acceptance of "some" help is allowed by Cora.  When Cora and Nathaniel begin to work together and learn to accept friendship, the relationship continues to strengthen and create bonds that may lead to a life of love high in the mountains or deep in the forest.

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