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Friday, June 30, 2023



Well, hello there.  Good to see all of your bright and shining faces again today!  Hope everyone is doing fabulous, kicking butt, and getting “stuff” done.

As for me…not so much.  LOL

Have you ever wondered if your stars were crossed? 


Oh, I’m well past that now. In fact, I’m pretty convinced that my stars have all fallen from the damn sky and are lying on the floor of the desert in the middle of BFE wishing I would just let them die and end the pain.

Okay, I can see I’m going to have to back up a little bit here.

This is about change.

(Exaggerated eye roll here.)

More specifically, about new processes, new updates, and a new software tool.

Don’t get me wrong…it’s a fabulous tool and will be of tremendous value to me once I finally learn how to use it and the new development cycle quiets a bit. Right now, the updates are coming faster than I can keep up with them.

A good thing?


In my case?

Uh…not so much.

You see, I’m distracted.  I am working my proverbial arse off pulling together a Kickstarter campaign to create a boxed set of cowboy stories for the Butterscotch Martini Girls. Which means I’m distracted as hell.

So, warnings come into my inbox and I don’t see them. Then when I go to use the tool after six months of not having even glanced in its direction…and all FREAKING HELL breaks loose!!!

What do I do? I try to fix it, that’s what I do.

…then I make it worse.

So, I fix it some more.

…worse still.

Then I try to fix it a different way.

…doesn’t fix it, but now I have a whole new problem statement.


Now…and only after almost a full week of pain…I decide to finally reach out to the help desk, begging them to rescue my sorry arse.

They were very nice when they politely explained that they might need some screen shots and files to help them.

Oh, yeah. (Head nodding.) I can do that.

So I send them a very nice PowerPoint presentation with slides and comments and arrows…it’s a damned work of art!

Oh yeah…and the files they asked for.

With a smile, they cheerfully reply, hoping to confirm that I am using either .png or .jpeg files.

I am!


I started with .png, but they were too large and clearly bogged the system down. So I resaved the files as .jpg files and used those, which worked better, but brought me to the issue where not everything was showing in the viewer.

…this made me think…

Is there a difference between a .jpeg file and a .jpg file?

The internet seems divided on this question.

One source says yes…one is three letters and the other is four. (Not helpful.)

Another source says nope…no difference whatsoever. (Hmmm…maybe.)

A third source says yes…a very minor difference in the color profile due to the age of the file type. (I’m betting on door number three at this point.)

Think this would affect me and cause my issue? (Because we all know it’s about me.)

Well…I doubt it. But…we all know I cannot leave well enough alone. I have to know. So, I convince myself that it would be helpful if I tried to confirm this is not an impactor before I go back to the helpdesk and their developers.

Now I have a mission…to save the .png file again, but this time as a .jpeg instead of the older style .jpg.

Oh-kay…I’m off to see the wizard!

I open the file, save it as the newer file format, re-upload it into the tool I’m having issues with, hit the download button and…voile!


Well…not nothing. It was something. Just not the something I wanted. The circle of death spun for a few minutes as the computer was thinking. Then it spit out this very ugly error message indicating “Export Failed”.

Hmmm…that’s new.

Not good.

I decided what made sense was to put everything back where it was before I went back to the developers.

When in hell have you EVER known that to work?

Yeah…me neither.

Anyway, I went back and uploaded the original file again (.jpg), and requested a new download.

ERK! Same “Export Failed” error message.

Damn the luck!

Not only had I not diagnosed the problem, but now I had a brand-new problem statement.

If things continue to get worse, I’m going to have to stop helping!!!

Well, that’s my story, dumb and dumber, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!

Love ya,  

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