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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

The Girl Who Wrote in Silk by Kelli Estes

 A heroic historical fiction portrayed by two women decades removed.  Their stories intersect, yet they are both about the fight to live your own life and love the man who fits perfectly.

Privileged with an Ivy league education and family contacts for the perfect job, Inara Erickson finds herself in a struggle to do what she wants and what she should do according to her father.  A multinational position is held for her at the same time she inherits her aunt's rambling home in Washington.  

The home calls to her with memories of childhood and an artifact of Chinese origin buried under the stairs.  Her aunt's wish is to construct a B&B.  A B&B is Inara's passion.  She also contacts a professor, Daniel Chin, to research the finding.  

Daniel immediately is interested in the artifact.  Daniel is also immediately interested in Inara.

The history unfolds in the life of teenage Mei Lien around 1886 when the U.S. shamedly evicts, tortures, and kills Asians.  Her family is ousted from Seattle, and Mei Lien is the only survivor thanks to Joseph.  

The artifact is a leftover remnant of Mei Lien's struggle, life, and love of family.  

Daniel enlists his students to research the history of the item found and unveils the rough life of Mei Lien, the relation to his and Inara's life, and the troubles it causes in current day.

With a lot of understanding, discussion, and forgiveness, love comes in first.  Inara and Mei Lien's story is a tidal wave of emotions and wondering what will go wrong and what will go right.


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