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Wednesday, August 30, 2023

Lady In Waiting by Melody Tyden

 Lady In Waiting is a grand story where the soon-to-be-married prince, Cassian, and princess, Cordelia, mix it up a bit the week before nuptials.  

Cordelia is promised to a gallant prince who does not show up to meet her and take her back to his kingdom.  Cordelia doesn't expect much from an arranged marriage, but he could at least show his face.  

Prince Cassian doesn't arrive at Cordelia's family castle for a reason.  It wasn't because he didn't want to meet her.  

In Cassian's stead, a group of trusted men bring Cordelia on the week-long travel.  Cordelia decides she would like to be someone else for the trip.  If she's not the princess, she doesn't have to behave as one.

Sean is in charge of Cordelia's travel.  Cordelia has brought her lady-in-waiting to pass the time with.  Sean is aware of the rules for Cordelia to arrive along with her virtue untouched, but there's no rule for a knight and a lady-in-waiting.  They can't seem to keep their eyes or hands off each other.  This is not exactly the romance that is supposed to blossom, but any happy couple is welcome.

The trip to Cassian's kingdom is met with many difficulties and marauders along the way, and the safety of the princess is in question.  Not only is their arrival to the castle challenging, but the result of the planned marriage has a shocking surprise!

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