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Friday, August 11, 2023


Hey, ya'all.  How is everyone? I hope everyone out there is kicking ass and taking names, and that you're sittin' in a saddle that fits,   😊

 First, let me apologize for being MIA for a while.  I have had my head down, nose to the grindstone, working on a huge upcoming project for the Butterscotch Martini Girls.

 What? You say. 

 I’m so glad you asked!

 We are working on a big, exciting Kickstarter project.


What’s that?

Oh, baby!

Kickstarter is a crowdfunding platform designed to help creators bring projects to life, be it a fancy contraption, some spiffy invention, or a good tale that needs tellin’…and you know we got lots of tales that need tellin’.

How’s it work?

Well, I’m happy as hell you asked.

Here’s the way it goes…you hitch up your project, slap on a snazzy pitch, set a goal and a time limit, and let ‘er buck. Then you spread the word to everyone you know—like I’m doin’ now—and ask ‘em to go take a look and please “FOLLOW” your project.

Then those that truly love you (see what I did there?) will mosey on over to the Kickstarter site and take a spin through your project, checking out all the stuff in the back of the wagon. At this point, it doesn’t really matter if they actually want any of the stuff in your wagon…all that matters is that they love you (I’m not above milking it) and they want to help you do your best. So they do just like you asked and they hit the little FOLLOW button on the campaign site.

What does this do?

Ah…grasshoppah…what this does is it tells Kickstarter that you found this project interesting.  You like it, and you want to see what happens with it. If enough people do this, Kickstarter starts to take notice and says to himself, “Self, people like this project. Maybe we should too.”

Why do we want Kickstarter to like it?

Because Kickstarter is powerful and one of the tools in his saddlebag is social proof. He’s got access to LOTS of people looking for stories just like ours, and he has a whole platform full of great projects. So, he’s got to depend on social proof to help narrow the field down to the best. When he sees a project starting to rack up FOLLOWs like a duck eating June bugs, he sits up and takes notice. Then he gives the project just a little more love on the website as he watches to see what happens.

Well, what happens?

This is the point where the campaign launches and folks come from far and wide to toss in some coin, hoping to take ownership of some of the fabulous stuff they saw in the back of that wagon. They do this by becoming Backers…which is really just a fancy word for Buyers. They buy what is called a Tier. Ever been to an auction? Where they sell stuff in “lots”? Well, this is similar…the stuff on Kickstarter is set up with groups of merchandise in Tiers. But the backer doesn’t have to bid on it. They just “Back It”, which is a commitment to buy the set of products in this Tier on the day the campaign closes.

Wait…I mighta misspoke. Sometimes “backing” a tier is similar to “bidding”. That’s when there is a limit on the number of sets available in that tier…like a limited edition.  And, like an auction where there might be 3 of the same lot, and only 3 people can win. But with Kickstarter, you don’t have to be the highest bidder…only the earliest. It is first-come, first-served. So, that tells ya you are gonna want to be one of the first ones into a campaign to be sure you are one of the backers that will be getting that package in the mail.

Is that all there is?

Oh no…this is where it really starts to get fun. When Kickstarter begins to see folks lining up to back a project that has great stories to tell, then they start to bump them up in line…they get a spot in the newsletter a better spot on the website, and this kick-ass little banner that says, “Project We Love.”

And this is where you see the Butterscotch Martini Girls doing the happy dance! Because this is where we start to get a little more love from Kickstarter and all the folks who love to support new projects.

So, is that all?

Nope, not quite. Remember that goal the BMGs set way back in the beginning? Yeah, we gotta hit that. After all, if you can’t ride a bull, ya don’t get to participate in the rodeo. Same here—if you don’t hit your goal, they don’t want you making promises to your backers that you can’t deliver on.

Am I at risk of buying a ticket and getting stiffed?

Not at all, not ever, not on our watch! Kickstarter protects you from loss by not charging your credit card for the amount of your pledge until after they know the campaign has met their goal and has enough funding to make it happen. So…if the goal has been met, everyone’s credit card gets charged as soon as the project closes, which in our case would be on September 15, 2023.

That’s when the real work begins. Kickstarter clears all of the pledges, takes their very reasonable cut, and shoots the money over to us. We now have the coin to place orders for all of the product and merchandise we need to create all the stuff we promised you in those Tiers. It takes a couple of weeks before the stuff starts to roll in, and we then fill up our garages and extra bedrooms (hopefully) with boxes and pallets of stuff that we begin boxing and wrapping in preparation for pony expressing it out to ya.


But the fat lady does NOT sing (nor do the Butterscotch Martini Girls drink) until we ship out that very last package and the pony is running his heart out to get it across the desert and into your hands.

So…if you’ve got love in your heart for the BMGs, go hit the FOLLOW button and let’s make Kickstarter sit up and take notice.

And if you’ve got the gumption and a pocket full of cowboy spirit…or a “thing” for HOT Cowboys…be sure you watch for the notification that the campaign is live (hint…it might be Tuesday, August 15th). Then ride on over to the campaign site and look at all the stuff we are putting together. I promise you will not find it easy to choose a tier.

We have got ebooks and paperbacks, hard covers with dust
jackets, and HOT Cowboys, not to mention shot glasses, martini glasses, flasks, coloring pages, HOT Cowboys, digital wallpaper, leather bookmarks, an adorable cowboy bear, and…did we mention…HOT Cowboys?

So, saddle up and let’s blaze this trail.

Cowboy Crush Kickstarter

Well, that’s my story, enthusiastic and entrepreneurial, and I’m stickin’ to it. Hang on tight now ‘cuz we’re gonna ride that pony real, real fast—and this rodeo’s just gettin’ started!

Yeah, Baby!

Love ya,  

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  1. Okay, I just snorted coffee all over myself on that one. Well played, Lexi!