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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Historical Romance, Take Me Away

Have you ever picked up a historical romance and found yourself immediately thrown back in time? From the words written, you might envision the rambunctious golden age of piracy, the horrors of the Civil War, the polite social rules of Regency England or the dangers of the Wild West.

A good writer will weave bits and pieces of historical fact into their story to make it real for the reader. It’s thrilling when an author can make you see and hear what life had been like during those times and places (I’m a self proclaimed history buff).

With my nose in a book, the real world ceases to exist beyond the pages and for a while, I am there, in the past, experiencing everything the author wants me to experience. I might see myself as a saloon girl (the one with the heart of gold), waiting for the hero to make an honest woman out of me or hunting for buried treasure alongside dashing pirates or dancing with a handsome Duke.

When I finish the story, I’m right back here in the present with dishes and laundry and a job. And that’s okay. There are always other stories, other places, other times to get lost in. And isn’t that one of the reasons we read historical romances? To escape into the past? To live in a time not our own?

Happy reading!



  1. Oh that's exactly why I love historical romance so much - pure escapism. The different era allows imagination free rein.

  2. Enjoyed the post, Marie. It's sometimes tricky to write historical without those modern day sensibilities creeping into the scenes. I just read two random selections from a wildly famous author and have to say that although the time frame was the early 1900s, every now and then I had to check myself because I thought the words sounded more like the 1980s, which was when these books were written!

    It's a lesson I have to learn for my own historical writing too! ;)

    Merry Christmas...
    Lyndee Henderson