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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Review: Unwrapping Chris by Nancy Lee Badger

It was a great pleasure to read Nancy Badger’s Unwrapping Chris. It’s a heart warming and fast moving short story about the reuniting of lost love. It pays a tribute to the service men and woman stationed around the world through the careers and life experiences of the characters.

Set in beautiful North Carolina, Jayne returns to her sister’s home with the intentions of attending a Scottish wedding and possibly staying permanently. The only thing she’s brought from her past is the wedding ring, still on her left hand, of her deceased husband.

In the same town Jayne’s first and never forgotten one-time lover, Chris, marches his platoon. On her way to apply for a nursing position, Jayne gives him a nudge with the side of her car. That’s the amazing moment of reuniting. Widowed long enough to accept her status, Jayne remembers the one and only heated moment with Chris. He remembers it along with noticing her wedding ring.

I flipped the pages as quick as possible to find out if Chris realizes she’s widowed and if each can admit to their smoldering feelings packed away so long ago.

Ms. Badger takes us to a Scottish marriage on Christmas Eve to witness whether Chris and Jayne's feelings ignite or are doused by time.

Definitely a good read for the holidays.

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  1. Sounds like a great tale, holiday or not.


  2. A story from NC is right for me. Sounds wonderful...

  3. Meredith, I agree, holiday or not, this is a great story. A Scottish wedding at Christmas just gives it a little extra warmth.

    North Carolina does make for a delightful setting at wintertime, Regina.

  4. Marvelous story. I'm loving it. My cousin and her husband are currently deployed overseas. She'll love this book.

  5. Thanks all. My son has been a great help with the military terminology. A fictional army base located in North Carolina is me using my artistic license. Short, sexy, and Christmassy.

  6. I just loved reading this story. Perfect time of the year to enjoy this plot.

  7. This is a great time of year and a recent (though short-lived snow storm) made me enjoy North Carolina even more. Glad you guys liked the review!