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Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Review: A Dark Love by Margaret Carroll

A Dark Love is a fabulous debut novel of romantic suspense. Margaret Carroll portrays a realistic fictional version of a woman’s fear of her own husband and her plan to get away.

Caroline’s husband is a renowned psychoanalyst in the Washington DC area. Everyone in DC’s honest, right? His clients are of the upper class and he’s favorable in everyone’s mind. Except the neighbor’s, Caroline’s sole friend.

Caroline plans her escape, changing her appearance and her identity. Her destination is Colorado, still snow covered in the early spring. She meets Ken, a former football star turned outdoorsman. Her nerves show through her fa├žade, yet she is reluctant to reveal the cause of her anxiety. Ken is confident that he can protect her from anything or anyone.

But credit cards aren’t the only way to track a missing person. Don’t forget to delete your emails.


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