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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Help! My To Be Read Piles Have Taken Over!


My “To Be Read” pile of books is overflowing! It has spread from a small, discreet pile on my bedside table to three piles on the floor beside my bed, two piles in the living room and several books scattered here and there throughout my house (I even have three in the bathroom! Yes, the bathroom)! And one in my purse. These are some of my favorite authors and I so looked forward to their new releases, but just haven’t been able to find the time to read.

So, I ask myself “How could this be?” What happened to me being able to read two to three books a week while writing on my own novels and working the day job and raising a family? The number of hours in a day has remained the same so what changed? Is it my age-dulled eyes that no longer see as clearly as they once did and makes it more difficult? Is it the day job that puts such demands on my time and brain functions?

Whatever the reason, I’ll have to find a remedy. I miss reading of far away places and history and romance. I’ll just have to sacrifice something to make time to enjoy one of the things I truly love doing. And I know exactly what I can sacrifice - I’ll give up making dinner when I get home from work. I’d rather read than cook, wouldn’t you?

Happy reading!


  1. I see books in that pile that I have! And reading is much better than cooking, for the hips, too.

    I was just discussing the lack of time with another writer recently. The world is getting busier and busier. I think people are starting to realize it along with contemplating how to find some "me" time again.
    My little solution at this time is to "try" to be efficient and purposely leave an hour or so to relax in whatever way makes me feel good. I also call it being lazy, but realisticaly, the brain needs down time to be better during when it's not down.

    You can see I've put time into rationalizing this theory!

  2. Yes, indeed, Dawn, the world is getting busier and finding time for ourselves is becoming harder and harder. I figured out that I have two speeds - the first speed is my usual "go, go, go". My second speed is total out and out laziness (and when I am lazy, I feel so guilty about all the things I should be doing that I'm not lazy very often). As for the brain - well, I don't think it's functioning to its full potential at the moment but it'll get better. It always does. I just have to remember to breathe (and not cook dinner!)

  3. Same here. Taking time off=lazy=guilt. I'll let you know if I think of a better equation for well deserved "break time."
    If I write even one page I get over it fast at least!! And then I probably don't have any time left to cook:)

  4. I have some of those books sitting in my stack too, Marie and Dawn, lol...

    I have to admit that since I got my Kindle, I am having a hard time convincing myself to pick up a real book! I love the fact that I can enlarge the print on it, so I am finding it very easy and enjoyable to read. I'm reading more often and getting through books faster. I always thought I'd never give up the tactile enjoyment of holding a book, but after a month, I'm an e-reader convert, big time!

    In fact, I'm supposed to attend a Susan Eliz Phillips book signing tomorrow, but I hate the idea of buying her book! I'd rather download it and then I won't have to dust it off after it sits on my shelf for eons. I wonder if e-readers will eventually make book signings a thing of the past? Only time will tell!


  5. Okay everyone, I have a confession to make. Though Marie wrote this wonderful post, the photo is of a part of my TBR pile. It's about a third of the 77 books I have to read. And tomorrow I go to buy ASCENSION by Caris Roan which I ordered through my local bookstore.

    Lyndee, maybe Kindle can figure out a way to have the author sign the pad and it stays on the book forever. I don't want to lose getting that personal signature on my books :-(

  6. Teehee, Alexis...that's funny that we were looking at ur stack of books!

    I'm like you abt the personal signatures. And I really like meeting authors and hearing what they have to say about writing and the world during signings. The book I finished last night had the author's signature on the last page! There is a To My Readers page at the end of the book and she signed her name, but it came out by itself on its own page, which makes it seem more personal. I don't know if I'm explaining that well enough, lol, but in my recent experience, most big time authors don't take time to write a greeting anymore, so just having the author's signature on the last page of the e-book was very much like a real signed copy, for me at least...


  7. I'm coming into this discussion a bit late. I've been at our local author event here in Arizona (the Chocolate Affaire - what could be better than romance AND chocolate!) Anyway, the picture may be Alexis' stack of books, but it looks remarkably like mine. And Alexis, you mentioned waiting for Caris Roane's new release - I'm getting mine tonight signed by the author (who was sitting a couple chairs away from me last night). I, too, like to meet the author and get that personal touch; however, I'm so intrigued by Kindle, I may have to get one for myself (but wonder if I can "give up" holding that book in my hand) but I've heard the same thing - you can read faster on the Kindle AND you make the type bigger to be easier on the eyes. I do like the idea that the author's signature can appear on the "pages" of an ebook. What a marvelous thing technology is!

  8. Every time I look around at my TBR pile, I tell myself that I am not allowed to buy ANY new books until I finished the ones I have to read. Of course, that promise is broken over and over. I don't think you should ever limit yourself with books. It is a healthy addiction!

    About the Kindle. I have one (it was a gift) and I barely use it. I prefer a paper book. The Kindle was useful to me on one occasion when I needed (wanted?) a book immediately, so I could discuss it with the author and I knew I couldn't find the book locally. Other than that, I don't look at it.

  9. As one who can work himself into a lather over my honey-do list, I am getting to the point in my life where I am saying enough on self-guilt for to-do lists. True, there are things we have to do (but even they get rescheduled as necessary). And there are things we want to do, if there's time. But I figure the "want-to" things are for my enjoyment, so why worry about how many more enjoyments there are?

    Of course, I readily admit that I am NOT a good multi-tasker - especially when it comes to reading for enjoyment. I like to lose myself in a book.

  10. Carl, that's what a good book is for. No rules except to enjoy thoroughly! I love to find those kind of reads.

  11. Island girl, you don't use your Kindle? I think you are the first person I have heard say that. My husband is trying to understand why I want one :-) Don't stop buying more books. You know they will never go to waste :-)