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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Movies from Books

Do you like it when your favorite book is turned into a movie? Are you satisfied the actor/actress playing the characters are a good choice? Who would you have chosen instead? Have you ever been disappointed? Or surprised?

When I read a novel, I have a clear picture in my head of what the hero looks like, what the heroine looks like and the setting, all based on the author’s description. In most cases, what Hollywood puts out never matches what I’ve already seen in my mind.

I loved the book Misery, by Stephen King – I will admit, the story scared the heck out of me (actually, Stephen King has been scaring me since I was fourteen – and I love him for it). What happened to the hero of the story could happen in real life. An obsessed, crazed fan. An isolated place. A devastating car accident leaving our hero at the mercy of said obsessed, crazed fan.

James Caan and Kathy Bates were not who I pictured in my head when I read the novel but I was pleasantly surprised (maybe pleasantly is the wrong word here) by how wrong I was about Hollywood’s choice of performers. Ms. Bates’ performance still makes me shiver! And I can’t picture anyone else in those roles.

The same for the Harry Potter series. Can you imagine anyone other than Daniel Radcliffe as Harry Potter? Or Emma Watson as Hermoine?

Although movies can never replace books in my heart, I do enjoy seeing what Hollywood can come up with and always wait with anticipation to see if what I pictured in my head will translate to the screen. Are there any books that were turned into movies that you really liked? Do you have a favorite book you would like to see on the big screen?
Happy reading (and watching)!



  1. Misery is a total favorite movie of mine! I saw the movie before reading it, and I can never read the book after the movie, only the other way around.
    Sometimes while reading I do think "this would be a great movie." It only happens when I'm reading a five star story and I'm in so deep that I don't want to get out. And, unfortunately, I don't keep track of them.
    I do like the movies that have been made from Nora Robert's novels. I've watched them all and some I rewatch.
    Oh, and of course I want my novels to be movies! I wouldn't be a good judge of that, though...kinda like being the only editor of your own work. You need another perspective.
    One more thing...when I see a good movie first, I always think the book must be great because it's a tradition.

  2. I always try to read the book first because, like you, Dawn, I can't do it the other way around. Something happens if you watch the movie first - perhaps the actors get stuck in your head. I'm not sure. I also like the Nora Robert's books to film and watch them whenever Lifetime plays them - I'm such a sap for those happily ever after endings! As for my own novels being turned into movies - who wouldn't want that even though it's kinda scary. However, if it would afford me the opportunity to mean meet....Tom Selleck, Sam Elliot or Hugh Jackman....well, let's just say I'd swallow my fear and go for it!

  3. I often go to the movie first then pick up the book to read if I liked the screen version. I call it reverse reading, lol. One of my favorites for that was Adaptation. I loved it on screen and loved the book later...also read the screenplay. Just loved the weirdness of all three examples and wouldn't have changed casting at all, although in my wildest dreams I'd have never thought I'd like a Nic Cage movie, but he was great in that role(s).

    The worst casting for me was in the Bridges of Madison County. I liked the book so much better than the movie. Remember the scene where she's fighting with herself about getting out of the car? That scene in both the book and the movie is powerful enough for me to be able to forgive and forget the miscasting (JMHO) of Streep and Eastwood. I would have loved to see Robert Redford in the lead and not sure who the woman should have been, but I didn't believe for one minute that Streep was an Italian woman living in Iowa. Her look and accent was so wrong for me. After reading the book, I saw the person as more of a 40 yr old Sophia Loren-type.

    Fun topic...thanks Marie.