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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Review: Last to Die by Kate Brady

I’m a die hard romantic suspense reader so I had to snag up Kate Brady’s fall release and fit it into my reading time as soon as possible.

Brady begins her story in Lancaster, Maryland during a fall festival where the families gather to entertain children with balloons, rides, and all things fun. The smiles and entertainment are prematurely interrupted with the bloody, and left for dead, body found in nearby shrubbery.

Detective Dani Cole has a personal agenda to fulfill when she’s assigned to the case and discovers the victim is a former prostitute Dani had helped straighten out.

The clues lead to a non-profit foundation. And a former love. Mitch, part of the foundation, came back from Sweden. That wasn’t the first location he had escaped to when the short, yet intense love affair ended.

Mitch spontaneously left for Iraq. For war and left Dani behind. His experiences in Iraq later led him to expand his photography talents to third world toilets where he thought he could help the underprivileged. Now he was back in Lancaster.

Back in Dani’s heart. Back in the discovery of clues. The murders multiply as other prostitutes are bludgeoned. Mitch has connections. How will Dani contend with the overload of work and pressure on her heart? What does Mitch have to do to convince Dani he didn’t run from her? Especially when he has business relations with the foundation full of secrets.

The blame of the murders bounces back and forth between the extraordinary cast of characters causing the pages to turn faster and faster. Be ready for a surprise ending.


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