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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Doubleday Book Club

I got a phone call the other day. Actually, got a lot of them – Monday must have been the day for everyone to call me. Do I need a free 27-point check on my car? No, my husband is a mechanic. Do I want solar panels for my house? No, thank you, already have them. Can you contribute just ten dollars to this worthy cause? Yes, that’s a worthy cause.  Do you have any donations for Big Brother/Big Sister? Sorry, just dropped off a big bag of donations to Goodwill. Do you have time for a quick survey? Not at the moment—I’m on my hands and knees scrubbing the kitchen floor. 

            But I digress.

Doubleday Book Club wants me back! 

I can understand why. It doesn’t matter that I haven’t ordered a book from Doubleday in over fifteen years and they stopped sending me the monthly selections years ago (apparently, I didn’t cancel my subscription properly so I’m still on their list). 

I was a good customer. An excellent customer! Mostly because I often missed sending back the paper that said “Don’t send me this book” and was surprised when a new book ended up in my mailbox that I didn’t think I wanted but turned out to be an excellent read. 

They know it. And they want me back. I’m thinking about it (although, as you know, my TBR pile is taking over my house) but it’s nice to be wanted, don’t you think? Would you?

Happy Reading!


  1. So funny! I guess that happens all over the country. I like to donate also, but I've quit answering the phone. I've done my donation quota for the year.
    I wouldn't mind an offer from Doubleday, though. I guess they don't have my address.

  2. I miss the Doubleday books. I always forgot to send back the card too.