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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Review: Risk No Secrets by Cindy Gerard

The most unlikely people have secrets.

Sophie married Hugh, a member of Black Ops Inc at great cost to the heart of another member, Wyatt.  Along with the marriage came a daughter.  This was a dozen years ago and hearts never forget.

My thought:  No matter how long you’re away from a former person, boyfriend, relative, or just friend, you never forget what type of relationship you had.

Sophie’s life in El Salvador became nothing more than tension and nerves as Hugh continued to battle the underground complete with all the weapons and danger terrorists and “bad” guys carry with them.

Then came the ultimate battle.  Another young girl, mistaken for Sophie’s daughter, was abducted followed by an extreme ransom.  Working in another country, Hugh didn’t return Sophie’s plea for help.  Who else could she turn to?  Wyatt. 

My thought:  Sophie’s husband just got a bad mark in my book, as I was completely surprised at how Wyatt came into Sophie’s life again.    

The hunt for the missing girl, Sophie’s demand to help find her, and the danger Wyatt encounters to aide his former lover moves at an incredible speed through the jungles and unsavory parts of El Salvador.   

In the midst of dodging bullets, and unearthing secrets, Hugh makes an appearance.  He knows the underground well and opposes Wyatt’s plan, yet follows through.  The most important part of the plan is to save a young girl’s life at any risk.

Except for the risk of Sophie’s life as she’s added to the hostage list.  Who’s going to save her?  Who wants to save her?  Which man truly loves her?

My thought:  Just when you think you have everything figured out and could finish Ms. Gerard’s novel yourself, think again.  Hugh and Wyatt are in a battle amongst themselves.  The biggest secret, twisted like a cruller, shocks the reader as one of the men in her life proves his love.  


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