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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Review: Christmas in Lucky Harbor by Jill Shalvis

I’m excited to fill you in on my Christmas read.  I had left a message on and Facebook for advice on my choice, yet I discovered Jill Shalvis’ Christmas in Lucky Harbor on my own.  And a fabulous discovery it turned out to be.

Maddie and her two estranged sisters inherit a run-down Inn located in Lucky Harbor, Washington. 

All gung-ho to start anew, Maddie gladly leaves LA and her abusive husband for the possibility of a new career.  She’ll have plenty of time to pursue the remodeling of the old Victorian building and property since men have no place in her heart.

And then he comes along.  Actually, Maddie nearly runs Jax off the road.  Jax has eye-popping good looks along with many talents.  She finds this out by leaving an intoxicated message for a contractor to “master her remodeling.”  Guess who the contractor is!

With tingling and twitching “parts,” Maddie ignores the chemistry and shows her best side while she tries to run him off, such as her ability to burp the alphabet commonly practiced in the mirror.

With a constant smile and frequent chuckles, I read on to see how their parade of true personalities could possibly pull Maddie and Jax in the same direction. 

Fun, sexy, and a book that will make you late for bedtime!    


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