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Sunday, December 11, 2011

Guest Author Interview: Pat McDermott

Today we are interviewing Pat McDermott, author of several romantic adventures set in Ireland.

Alexis: Hi Pat. Thank you for visiting Happily Ever After Thoughts :-) What inspired you to try a young adult novel?

Pat: Thanks for having me, Alexis. I’m delighted to be here. I had already written my “Band of Roses” trilogy when an acquaintance suggested the YA angle. I knew nothing about YA, but soon became engrossed in these delightful, multi-genre stories. My adult books, set in a modern Ireland still ruled by the heirs of High King Brian Boru, follow the adventures of the Irish royal family. I started writing with the characters as teenagers, a sort of  “prequel” to the trilogy, and I had a great time. Their romantic escapades are a tad sweeter than those of their grownup personas, but their adventures are just as exciting, thanks to the troop of unpredictable Irish fairies who’ve joined the cast—and I don’t think they mind being part of the story. The book recently received a 5-star reader review!

Alexis: Wow!  Congratulations on the review! This story sounds wonderful. Can you tell our readers a little bit about, Glancing Through the Glimmer?

Pat: As with all my stories, Glancing Through the Glimmer crosses several genres. The publisher lists it as a Paranormal Young Adult Fantasy. It’s also a romance, an alternate history, and an adventure. The title is a phrase from The Fairy Thorn, an old Irish poem by Samuel Ferguson. In my story, “Glimmer” refers to the fairies’ magic. Here’s the book blurb:

In the modern Kingdom of Ireland, few mortals believe in the fairy folk. Without that belief, the fairies are dying. Finvarra, the King of the Fairies, would rather dance than worry—but he must have a mortal dancing partner.

When Janet Gleason’s grandfather becomes the new U.S. Ambassador to Ireland, the sixteen-year-old orphan must leave Boston and her friends behind. Janet is lonely in Dublin and unused to her grandparents’ stuffy social life. An invitation to a royal ball terrifies her. She can’t even waltz and dreads embarrassment. Finvarra’s fairy witch overhears her fervent wish to learn to dance.

Seventeen-year-old Prince Liam Boru loathes the idea of escorting another spoiled American girl to a ball. In fact, he detests most of his royal duties. He dresses down to move through Dublin unnoticed and finds himself on his royal backside when Janet crashes into him. Intrigued, he asks to see her again, and she willingly agrees. Unaware of each other’s identities, they arrange to meet. When they do, the fairies steal Janet away.

Liam’s attempts to find her trigger a series of frustrating misadventures. Can he and Janet outwit a treacherous fairy king who’s been hoodwinking mortals for centuries?

Alexis: This sounds like such fun. Where did you get the idea for this story?

Pat: The Scottish legend of Tam Lin and the myths surrounding Finvarra, the King of the Connaught Fairies, provided inspiration. Most of the plot and subplots developed as I wrote.

Alexis: Ah, legends are great inspirations. What are your favorite character traits of Janet and Liam?

Pat: Janet’s resilience impresses me. An aspiring young actress, she uses role-playing to help her adapt to her “fish out of water” life in Dublin—and to charm Liam. Liam is a scholar, a smooth-talking poet-prince who becomes a reluctant hero when ancient magic imperils Janet. 

Alexis: I can see the adults in these two characters already :-) This book is set in Ireland. Do you have a special affinity for this country?

Pat: My O’Brien grandparents emigrated to the U.S. from County Sligo in the early 20th century. I grew up hearing the myths, the songs, and the history. My kids were nearly grown before I finally got to see Ireland myself, and I’ve been back several times. The scenery is gorgeous, and diverse. Wherever you go, you’re never far from the sea, and the ruins of castles, towers, and abandoned homesteads dotting the countryside are constant reminders that Ireland has been around for a long, long time.

Alexis: How lovely that you have been able to visit the place you set your stories in. What can we expect next from you? Do you have any new releases coming or a work in progress?

Pat: The “Band of Roses” trilogy, A Band of Roses, Fiery Roses, and Salty Roses, is coming in 2012 from MuseItUp Publishing (the first two are re-releases). Right now, I’m sprucing up Autumn Glimmer, in which Liam and Janet return for a Halloween weekend they’ll never forget.

Alexis: Excellent! A whole trilogy plus a prequel. Thank you so much for telling our readers about your lovely Ireland set stories. We appreciate you coming for a visit.

Pat: Thanks again for having me, Alexis. I’ve enjoyed chatting with you.

Alexis: For a chance to win Pat’s Glancing Through the Glimmer, be sure to leave a comment for her.  If I have contact information I will let you know when you win, otherwise, check the side column for your name on Wednesday under WINNERS :-)

For more information on Pat’s writing, go to

Alexis: Check out this excerpt from Glancing Through the Glimmer.

            The first time Liam slipped and fell, he cursed the rain-damp grass. He blamed his second tumble on his haste to catch up with Janet. What on earth had possessed the girl to run off like that? She couldn’t possibly want to find music that badly.
            Music only she could hear.
            The third time he lost his balance, he’d swear someone had pushed him, but no one was there. He landed on his hands and knees and cursed again. He might not be a muscleman, but he was far from a clumsy dolt. A lifetime of sports and outdoor treks had surely left him fit enough to climb a scrubby little hillside.
            Something strange was afoot.
            I’m being ridiculous. The breeze must have kept him from hearing the music she heard. She’d likely gone after the owner of whatever was playing the tune to learn its name.
            Yet the Nose of Howth seemed deserted. How odd for a sunny Sunday morning. Even if Janet had gone off seeking the source of the music, no amount of rationalizing could explain why she’d left so abruptly. The chilling sense that she was in danger had Liam’s heart thumping high in his throat.
            Should he call his cousin? If Kevin was still on the pier, it would take him a while to get here. And practical Kevin would surely think Liam astray in the head.
            Maybe he was, but something told him he had to find Janet, and fast. Keeping close to the ground as if he were dodging radar, he clambered monkey-like up the hill. This time he reached the top of the rise. Lumps in the landscape surrounded him, clumps of rock and rolling masses of heather and gorse that encircled the level spot where he stood. He knew the place well. Except for the curious lack of weekend hill walkers, nothing seemed amiss.
            He listened hard. A seagull cried in the distance. Otherwise, all was silent. No, wait! Music drifted toward him, a plucky harp tune he might have enjoyed under different circumstances. Was that what Janet had heard?
            Where was it? He turned in a circle, squinting in the sunlight, scanning, straining to hear. When he returned to the spot where he’d started, a jolt of fear set his pulse racing.
            A round stone hut had appeared on the highest part of the clearing. Its low thatched roof rose to a ridiculously high point. It resembled a roundhouse, the sort of dwelling that belonged in a prehistoric ring fort.
            Or a fairy fort.
            Liam swallowed hard. He’d seen replicas of such huts in Ireland’s folk parks. He’d also viewed ruins of the original ring forts, all that remained of the structures built by the mysterious peoples who’d lived and died in Ireland thousands of years ago.
            Where had this one come from? Why was it on the Nose of Howth? Liam had never seen it before, nor had he heard of any gimmicky tourism plans for the cliff walk. Of course, he didn’t know everything. Convincing himself that he’d failed to see the hut at first because the sun had blinded him, he ventured toward the structure.
            He spotted a doorway and relaxed. Janet was there, speaking to a woman wearing a period costume, medieval or older. That’s what it was, he thought: tourism come to tarnish Howth. How could Uncle Peadar have allowed such nonsense?
            Liam called Janet’s name again, but neither she nor the woman showed any sign that they’d heard him. The wind must have carried his voice away. He stalked toward the roundhouse. As he approached, the costumed woman placed a necklace over Janet’s head.
            The roundhouse flickered, faded, and reappeared. Alarmed, Liam stopped. This was no tourist gimmick. As his thoughts scrambled for an explanation, the woman grabbed Janet’s arm and pulled her into the hut.
            “Janet, no!” His ferocious roar proved useless. Unbelievably, the roundhouse began to dissolve. No longer doubting his horrified senses, he dove at the hut and charged through the disappearing door.
            The world around him melted away.
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  1. Alexis, thanks so much for inviting me into your blog home today. It's a pleasure to visit Happily Ever After Thoughts!

  2. Great to have you, Pat. Your story sounds so fun :-)

  3. I love Pat McDermott and her ability to make the fairy world real! We all need a little "glimmer" in our lives!

  4. Great interview, Pat and Alexis. I enjoyed reading the excerpt. Love the way you build the tension. You made me smile first then my unease grew. I'd love to win a copy of the book. Should be fun to revisit Ireland with your characters. I've done the Howth cliff walk so it was easy to share Liam's bewilderment. :-)


  5. Great interview and congrats on your latest release, Pat. I am sure this one will do fantastic.

    BJ Scott

  6. I have a published poem about fairies and this excerpt seemed to have a similar tone, so I really enjoyed the excerpt. I would love to win a copy to share with my students. Contact info:
    Everything crossed! xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx xxxxx

  7. Gail, ain't that the truth! Much of my personal "glimmer" comes from my online friendships. Oh, and the fairies, of course (I can't forget them, my hair or something worse will fall out) Thanks for stopping by!

  8. Edith, the Howth cliff walk is one of my favorite places in Ireland. So inspiring, and a perfect spot for Janet and Liam's first date. Almost... Great to 'see' you here!

  9. BJ, thank you for the good wishes, and for taking the time to stop by.

  10. A published poem about fairies! I'm impressed. As they clearly gave their permission, you must have done them proud. Best to you and your lucky students!

  11. I love Ireland, lol of course I am kinda partical to it with a name like Killarney. (:

  12. Pat, the book sounds wonderful. I see big success in your future, young lady. Hope you're having tons of fun. I love the cover.

    Thanks for sharing, Alexis.

  13. Great interview, ladies! Congrats on what sounds like a fun story, Pat! I've only been to Ireland once, but I totally agree with your description. I hope to get back someday.

  14. @Killarney, I'm so glad you have one of the prettier names! Most of them are picturesque, but a few are...entertaining.

    @Joylene, I'm having a blast. And yes, the cover artist did a gorgeous job on the cover.

    @Alexa, I hope you do return to Ireland someday. We should all meet in a pub somewhere!

    Thank you all for keeping me company here today, ladies!

  15. Looks like a great book! Thanks for the giveaway!

    megnate at telus dot net

  16. Hi Maegan. I think it's a great book :-) Thank you for stopping by.

  17. The premise of this book is a real winner. I love books that have that "other realm" feel to them, even if contemporary in nature. Sometimes I think we need that feel in our lives just to make a day bearable or intriguing.

    Good job, Pat. Now I know I'll have to real them all just to be satisfied that I haven't missed anything.

    Thank you. This was a lovely interview, too. May your sales soar and your ports of call inspire more adventures.

  18. Wonderful excerpt! I love stories "triggered" by legends. They're always the best sort of escapes at the end of along day. :-)

  19. @Hello, Claudsy. I suspect many writers, and readers, love to escape into other realms. Real life can be monotonous at times. No worries about missing the other books. Two will be re-released next year, and the third debuts after them.

    @Maeve, IMHO, legends endure because they've been honed over time into such wonderful stories. Perhaps modern tales will get there one day, but for now, those legends and their variations are unbeatable.

    So nice to visit with you, ladies. Thanks!

  20. Great interview, Pat. Best of luck on Glancing Through The Glimmer. I guess it goes without saying that I'd like to be entered in your give away!

  21. Deb, I'd give away a copy of the book to everyone here, if I could. Thanks for being such a great supporter!

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  25. Hi Nancy! Great to see you here. Thanks so much for stopping by and for sharing the link with your Book Club. Good luck with the drawing!

  26. Hey Ladies,
    Had to stop by & say Hi. I love all things Fae too, which is actually how I chose my pen name and have worked it into my Author Brand platform as I start my writing career. Have my first book, a self-pub title set in 17th c. Ireland, coming next February.

    I've always wanted to visit Ireland one day and back in October I was able to book a group tour with fellow Moning's Maniacs/Fever Fans of Dublin, the cliffs, & castle stay for next summer and I'm super excited. Your book will definitely keep me entertained while I "patiently" wait, and is now making me want to get to work right away on my own YA series (notes & outlines at this point), called Celtic Charm...but of course I have other projects that must be completed first. ;)

    Huge Congrats to you Pat on this new book and your upcoming Trilogy release next year, I'll be sure to check them out for sure. Take care, Best of Luck!

    Happy writings,
    Marissa MacFae~It's Fae Magick!
    I can be reached@

  27. Marissa, I'm excited about your February release! Keep us posted! And I want to hear more about your trip! When are you going, where are you going, all those details I love to hear. I also love how you worked "Fae" into your name, and I suspect you have "Their" permission to do so :-) Thank you so much for you good wishes (and right back atcha), and for dropping by to keep me company.

  28. I wanna win this! The title drew me in from the first Glimmer and the blurb and excerpt sealed it. I must win, otherwise...I'll just have to buy it. hehehe. And mark my words... I will!! I asked Santa for a Kindle for this express purpose:)

  29. Wendy, I'm laughing as I type! I'd love it if my Glimmer fairies helped you learn to use the Kindle Santa is sure to bring you, since you've been such a good girl this year! Hehehe. Thanks so much for visiting!

  30. It seems Wendy is the winner of a PDF copy of Glancing Through the Glimmer. Congrats, Wendy. The book is on its way to you. Thanks again for hosting this "Glimmer" party, Alexis!

  31. I'm the WINNER!!! Yeah!!! Thank you!!!
    My first Christmas present. Glancing Through the Glimmer will go straight onto my new Kindle when I unwrap it on Christmas Day. This is so exciting. Thank you Pat and Alexis. I know I'm going to love this book.

  32. Pat, it was my pleasure :-) Come back again soon!

    Wendy, I'm so glad you will have Pat's book for your new Kindle. I just received a Kindle for my birthday in November, and being able to store all your favorite books, like GLANCING THROUGH THE GLIMMER, at the tips of your fingers is wonderful. Congratulations on your win :-)