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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Desert Dreams Conference Experience

At the end of April, I spent the weekend at the lovely Chaparral Suites in Scottsdale, Arizona, attending the Desert Dreams conference….and my brain is still full. What a lovely weekend! The weather was perfect and I was able to connect with some friends I hadn’t seen in a while.  
I also had the opportunity to attend some fabulous workshops given by some of my favorite authors (which is why my brain is full). Such marvelous writers, so willing to impart their knowledge, so generous in their time and I can’t tell you how much I appreciate them! 

Elizabeth Hoyt is a hoot! Funny, sweet and charming. Brenda Novak is not only fabulous and wise,  but lovely as well. I met Terri Brisbin (a New Jersey girl like myself) and I’m happy to report, she is kindness itself.
I had promised myself that I wouldn’t go crazy during the author book signing, but truthfully, I wasn’t able to help myself. Meeting these authors after having read their novels was such a treat. I couldn’t help purchasing more of their books and having them signed (and yes, I will be hiding the credit card statement when it comes in)!
As I said, my brain is full and I am slowly disseminating all the information, however, that hasn’t stopped me from reading and I’m happy to say, my TBR pile is shrinking. Whooo-hoooo!

As always, happy reading,

For photos and more on the 2012 Desert Dreams Conference check out these links :-)


  1. Other than mixing with all the fabulous authors(!), what what was your main intent for the workshops?

  2. Hey Dawn!
    With each workshop I take, I hope I'll learn something, which, hopefully, will help me write better stories (I love it when the lightbulb goes off and I have one of those "Aha!" moments). For instance, one of the workshops was all about emotion--and not only the characters' emotions--the emotion of the scene you're trying to set. Through proper word choice, your scene can reflect anger or happiness or bitterness or comfort. I found it fascinating. I strive to write the best stories possible. If I can make you laugh out loud or get misty-eyed or envision a scene like I see it, then I think I've done my job as a writer so....I'll continue to take workshops whenever offered. The more I can learn, the better off I'll be.


  3. Ah! As I always say, I'll never know everything, so I'll keep learning from the best! Must be a writer thing?!
    And that sounds like a great workshop on emotions you described:)

  4. It was Dawn. I went to it too and it was done by Brenda Novak. Now there is someone who knows her stuff!

  5. I'm going to think about what you both said when I read her next book, which I believe is somewhere at the top of my TBR.