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Monday, August 20, 2012

Cover Models

Do you remember when Fabio graced the cover of romances? You couldn’t walk past the bookstore without seeing his chiseled face or his long hair blowing in the wind. 
There’s a new man now gracing the covers of my favorite books. Over 3,000 covers as of this month, to be more specific. His name is Jimmy Thomas. And he is, in a word, gorgeous! Absolutely! Oh, be still my heart.
 Not only is he stunning with his dark hair and dark eyes, and those muscles! Oh my! But he’s also a very nice man. I had the pleasure of meeting him last year at the Chocolate Affair in Glendale, Arizona, and what struck me more than his obvious good looks (did I mention muscles?) was his graciousness and kindness. He posed, with humor and infinite patience, with giggling young girls as well as giggling older ladies (myself included).
 In my opinion, a man can be drop dead gorgeous, but if he doesn’t have the other things we look for---kindness, humor, patience----he isn’t what we’re looking for, isn’t quite complete. Again, in my opinion, Jimmy Thomas is everything we women want….and more. The whole package. The real deal. And doesn’t he look just fabulous on the covers of those romances we love so well?

Don't remember those covers? Then check him out on his website

As always, happy reading (and drooling over those covers)


  1. I agree, Marie. He's professional, kind, and far too good looking for any of us to resist. Can't have enough Jimmy Thomas book covers!

  2. You got to meet him??!! I wonder if books sell better because he's on the cover in addition to the author's work? Makes me want to start a survey...but I have plenty things to do already.
    Great research, Marie!