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Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Review: BORDER LASS by Amanda Scott

The best way to get the attention of a not-so-available noblewoman is to grab her from behind and cover her mouth.  It wasn’t actually Sir Garth Napier’s plan to have his first word or touch with Amalie Murray in this manner, but the opportunity afforded itself.

Beautiful and a great prize for any man of Scots, Amalie doesn’t trust any men including Garth who caught her eavesdropping on a murder plot by two men she knew.  Garth pulled her away, afraid for her safety under such knowledge.

Now Garth has to figure out how to ensure her trust and find out what she heard.  He wants the trust for more than simply the information for he would love to touch and be near her again.

Amalie feels a certain spark and tightness in her chest when she’s near Garth, but men can never be trusted as has been proven in the past.  How can she hold on to her certain belief, yet ignore the signals her body sends her?

Amanda Scott ties a magnificent history lesson with elusive romance.  I was enthralled with the tug and pull of the conflict between Amalie and Garth, always rooting for them to understand one another!