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Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Review: UNMASKING KELSEY by Kay Hooper

In the hazy heat of a southern town called Pinnacle, all is not typical for the small, laid back community.  With only a few businesses to keep the town populated, a select few have more power and money than fit the equation.

This brings FBI agent, Kelsey, into town and his first objective is to find Elizabeth Conner, a top witness.  When he finds her, he almost forgets he’s on a case as her beauty and feisty mannerisms mesmerize him.

Elizabeth knows things and her sister's safety is in jeopardy, but can she trust the hard-headed, blunt speaking and hot man who claims he’s with the FBI and won’t prove it?

Hooper doesn’t waste time in getting the heat rolling between Kelsey and Elizabeth just as the business in question stockpiles its ammunition and wants witnesses dead.  The sheets stay hot along with a smoking trail to the hunted suspect as Kelsey draws Elizabeth into his life.  



  1. Excellent review, Dawn. Unmasking Kelsey sounds like my kind of story!


  2. Thanks, Marie. I always hope others also find the books I review and enjoy as ones to put on their list!