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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Review: THE BOOK OF SCANDAL by Julia London

What can wreck an already unstable relationship?  Rumors.

In the 1800’s, London abounds with rumors.  Nathan Grey’s estate is threatened by The Book of Scandal.  The book had been arranged by the Princess of Wales with intentions to name treasonous people to the king.  This included Evelyn, Nathan’s estranged wife.

Nathan and Evelyn had a young and arranged marriage.  The birth of a son had been grand news until the baby’s early death tore them apart.  The Earl and Lady had been so distraught and sunk into their own grieving that neither understood the other. 

Beautiful Lady Evelyn Lindsey left her husband for the finer things in London.  Unbeknownst to her, she is a subject in The Book of Scandal.  The fight for the throne can bring out the worst in possible heirs, and Evelyn’s life is threatened.  

Nathan knows he has to bring her back to their home, whether she likes it or not.
After Nathan abducts her and forces her home, imagine how surprised they both are when love invades their stubbornness.  Yet to admit they both made mistakes in the past provides for a tremendous hurdle.

Multiple love conflicts still present in today’s relationships prove a trial for their true love.  Julia London has such a gift of mingling historical facts with the so-real created characters that you may think you’re an audience to the Earl and Lady’s heated reunion.    



  1. Wonderful review, Dawn! Sounds like my kind of story (we'll just add it to my TBR pile and one of these days, either I'll catch up with my reading or the whole precarious pile will tumble...can anyone say "timber"?).


  2. I've found a lot of great historical writers and I know there are even more to read! It's really bad when I buy books and go to the library, so my pile is sky high also. I certainly will never get bored:)

  3. Thanks BN100! Writing reviews opens me up to a lot of great books I may not have otherwise taken the time for.