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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Review: CHILL FACTOR by Sandra Brown

Even though Sandra Brown picks a mountainous town in North Carolina during the season’s biggest memorable blizzard, the manner in which she depicts the fiery heat of the hunt for a serial killer keeps the pages burning hot.

Lilly Martin returns to Cleary, NC to finalize the sale of her cabin only to be stranded for days during the white-out.  This happens after she attempts to leave, strikes a hiker on an icy road, and insists he outride the storm with her back at the cabin.

Ben Tierney accepts her offer, feeling dizzy from a gash behind his head. 

Lilly can’t help but be attracted to the gorgeous and rugged man until his actions, his backpack’s contents, and his incomplete answers depict him as the serial killer.

The leading townsfolk of Cleary want the killer abducted and with a bullet through his head.  As we discover the duplicity and secrets of those hunting the killer, everyone becomes a suspect and it’s impossible to stop turning the pages to try to figure out which suspect is worse than the next.
Brown twists her simple plot into a macabre of suspects, all having motive and opportunity to have killed five women. 

And ultimately, how can Lilly fall for the top suspect?  How is it possible to undo the evidence against Tierney and make him the angel she wants him to be?        



  1. Thanks for the review, Dawn. I love Sandra Brown! And hooray for me....Chill Factor is already on my shelf...unread, yeah (I'm a little behind on my reading) but maybe I'll move it up to next on the list.


  2. Great! Can't help but throw one of Sandra's novels in randomly