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Sunday, November 11, 2012

Update from Dawn Kunda

Why oh why have you not seen my next book available yet?! 

I’ve been practicing the art of patience-which has a lot to do with writing, publishing, and the necessary addition of marketing.

As for writing, the biggest topic on an author’s “list-of-things-to-do,” I have a completed manuscript with a working title of In Plain Sight.  This novel will be proposed as a series, From the CIA.  As you may have guessed, the genre is romantic suspense.  
 I also have the sequel to COURT OF LIES, entitled Window of Lies, two thirds finished with a goal of completing the first draft this year.  
At the same time, you’d think I’d be contacting publishers with the finished manuscript, BUT my marketing team has advised me to wait; to wait until we’ve developed a video for In Plain Sight.  Very exciting as my team of four is made up of three marketing agents, two of which are filmmakers, and a screenwriter for Lifetime movies.  I’m going to trust their expertise. 

So now I have a novel to finish, a video to create, and then I go to the publisher with the plan of a fantastically lively 2013.  I remind myself that “13” is my lucky number and hope to pass that feeling on to readers as I offer them romance, suspense, and a thrilling ride through the pages of my actively undercover year :-)

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  1. Oh my gosh, Dawn! With IN PLAIN SIGHT finished and WINDOW OF LIES almost finished, how can you possibly be patient? I would find that so hard. How exciting to do a video of your finished manuscript though! Wishing you the best of luck with all your endeavors!

  2. Thanks so much, Marie! It is hard to be patient. Sometimes I just want to send out my queries and not wait for the video. Keeping busy with the second part of my plan,finishing the other story,is a big part of not making time to jump ahead.
    And if my goals are too high, better to have tried and gotten somewhere rather than nowhere. That sounds like a "saying" I've heard somewhere!

  3. Having read "Court of Lies" which I couldn't even put down, I'm very anxious for the new book Window of Lies. Also curious how the video is going to be marketed, will it be sold right with the book? Also would like to be able to purchase e-books or audio books. Hope they will be available soon.

  4. Thanks for cheering me on, Elyn! As for the video (one to two minutes), I'm hoping to use it to sell to an editor, and then when that is accomplished it will be released for the public to view, giving readers a taste of the new book.
    I'd like to say that all newly published books are in ebook format, many in print, and some are audio books. Audio books are commonly another contractual deal, which I will be looking into since many have asked me about it.
    All I can say about any dates is that I will keep readers posted and I'm hoping for both books sometime next year!

  5. Nice post.


  6. Thank you, bn100! I never know where the world of writing takes me, and many times it's as good as another story!