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Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Review: SHAMELESS by Karen Robards

This story is the story of all rogues!  Karen Robards introduces us to Neil Severin, lean, fit, and beyond handsome, and it’s not impossible to fall in love with him even though he’s an assassin in Regency England.  Talk about loving the “bad boys!”

Neil is on a mission when it’s thwarted by Lady Elizabeth (Beth), beautiful, flirty, and in no need of a man to control her.  This is proven by her three former fiancĂ©s.

As Beth is being accosted by her latest fiancé, Neil is hidden in the same room and comes to her rescue, which alters his attempt to assassinate her brother-in-law.

Neil’s alternate plan is to kidnap Beth with the hopeful result of getting close to her brother-in-law, only someone else kidnaps her first.  He needs to save her again to finish out his mission, but the fact that they end up running for both their lives puts them in extremely close quarters.

Shameless reveals all in a twisting plot seasoned with passion and strong will.  Never doubt the mix of social classes in Regency England when the heart is involved!


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