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Sunday, January 6, 2013

Thoughts for 2013

It’s here. A new year. A new opportunity to…well….set some new goals. Last year, the goals I set for myself were attainable for the most part. I was kinder (at least, I think I was); I gave myself permission to take some “me” time, whether it was to spend a whole day watching movies or just taking a nap (those were few and far between); I did not pass up an opportunity to tell my loved ones I loved them so I did well on last years’ goals and I will continue to strive for these things because one should not try to be kind for only a year, one should try to be kind always and one should tell their friends and family they are loved all the time, not just for 365 days.
 All that being said, the mistress of this blog has a To-do list…daily, monthly and yearly so I’m taking a page from her book and listing my goals (no, I  know I won’t do a daily To-Do list, but I can do a yearly one so here we go…
 Lose those annoying thirty pounds that have been hanging around way too long. I have a treadmill now so no excuses!
Finish one (maybe two) of the 13 partial manuscripts I have in my computer and celebrate the releases of A Scandalous Woman and A Good Man for Katie, both coming out February of this year.
Celebrate the friendships I’m lucky enough to have and cherish the love of my life (DH and I will be married 32 years this year).
Learn something new.
Don’t wait until I have a zero balance on my Visa so I can download more books to my Kindle….might never happen!
And that’s it….well….not really. There are many more goals/challenges I could list but those are the main ones.
So what’s on your agenda for 2013? Let’s hope it’s a great year full of possibilities!

As always, happy reading!

Leave a comment about a goal of yours in 2013 and be entered to win BRAND NEW ME by Meg Benjamin :-)


  1. Hi Marie, as you said above I have lots of goals, daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, plus those special projects that get thrown in between. But I think my biggest goal is to work at a reasonable pace on a regular basis instead of running at 80mph for 8 weeks and then going at 15mph for two. I'm thinking a moderate pace consistently would be better for my body and my brain. So that is my goal :-)

  2. An admirable goal, Alexis, and one that can be accomplished! Good luck!

  3. Congrats on the books! I'd like to read more books.