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Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Review: FIRST GRAVE ON THE RIGHT by Darynda Jones

Charley Davidson is given a gift, she’s not sure she’d call it that, but she is found in Albuquerque by the dead who can’t cross over to the other side. 

She’s not sure one of the smoky, dark figures haunting her between the sheets is such a bother when he exhibits a tasty mouth and roving hands.

In order for Charley to find out who the mystery spirit is, she needs to use her talents and find the murderer of the other three easily noticeable spirits clamoring for her help.

Since Charley’s talent is unavoidable in her life, she’s turned it into a job.  In the living world she’s a private investigator, but known to the dead as the grim reaper.

While investigating the murder of three, her sexy mystery spirit is found to have a questionable background.  Charley refuses to believe he’s as bad as they come because he’s repeatedly saved her life.  He can’t be that bad, although if she jumps this hurdle, what’s the sense in falling for a dead man?  But maybe he’s not really dead since he’s different from the other spirits…

Jones has a fantastic talent in keeping the humor in what could be considered a serious matter.  When Charley is introduced as a lovely woman who feels 470 pounds in the morning after sleeping off a quart of Chunky Monkey, I can’t help but enjoy the little secrets of life Charley is forced to showcase for our entertainment. 


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