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Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My Island Life: Lunch Spots

My adventures living on a Caribbean island. Welcome to my monthly, or not so monthly adventures. We try not to commit too soon here on island.

Impression #7

The casual lunch. You simply cannot beat St. Croix for casual lunch spots, and I just have to brag about a few of my favorites.

First, I need to start with the Domino Club. This open-air lunch spot is tucked up high in the rainforest on Mahogany Road and boasts Norma’s fantastic Roti (my favorite is the shrimp), and of course, the beer-drinking pigs.  Yup, these very large boars complete with tusks are happy to take a can of non-alcoholic beer, open it, and drink (the first pig developed liver disease on the high test). But it’s smart to stand back when Hurricane Roger gets a beer. Just sayin’. As for the house drink, you may want to try some Mamawanna, but I would suggest only one shot unless you have someone who can carry you home :-)

If I were to drive past the Domino Club and continue over The Beast and down to the North Shore (some vehicles can’t quite make this climb), I would definitely stop at Off the Wall. Not only does this open-air waterfront spot offer great views of Cane Bay, but it has some fantastic pizza. What more need I say?

If I feel like staying in the west-end then I go to Polly’s at the Pier. This is my go-to place for hot Chai latte’s and meeting girlfriends for lunch.  The Greek salad wrap with chicken is to die for, and the local artwork, jewelry, and books always seem to come in handy for gifts :-} I especially like sitting out back in the typical Danish courtyard and chatting forever.

But the closest of my four favorite spots has to be Coconuts on the Beach. This is the local hang-out, the “Cheers,” if you will, of the west-end. This open-air beachfront bar is a favorite of Cruise Ship passengers and locals alike. You can always find someone you know there, including Grace and Tommy, the owners.  Oh, and by the way, Tommy makes a mean fried turkey. Trust me. I know.

Lesson #7

Try to be out and about running errands in the middle of the day so I have an excuse to stop for lunch. With so many great, friendly places though to chose from, it is hard to decide which route home is best. I guess that is one of the tough parts about living on island :-)

Stay warm,


  1. Maybe Mr. B needs to open an island barbecue? ;)

    1. But then I would have to share his cooking with everyone else. I don't think so ;-)

  2. That sounds sooo wonderful! One of my favorite things is to do lunches also, and yours certainly sound colorful and full of great atmosphere.

    1. I wish I got to go out more often. There are so many fun places to eat here :-)