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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Shiver by Karen Robards

Oh my, I have a Sunday post!  I’m not interviewing an author, but I do have the latest release from Karen Robards of which I have a signed copy.  At the infamous RWA (Romance Writers of America) Nationals, Karen joined Karen Rose and Sharon Sala in a panel devoted to romantic suspense, so I couldn’t help but read one of their books first…

 Shiver by Karen Robards

Shiver by Karen Robards - Reviews, Description & more - ISBN ...

Karen Robard’s newest novel introduces her readers to a determined Samantha Jones who will do anything to assure the safety of her 4-year-old son.  It gets a little difficult when she finds a hard-to-tell-he's quite beat up- handsome stranger shot and locked in the trunk of the Beamer she’s supposed to repo. 

Sam has an unusual job for a young woman, but as a tow-truck driver, she’s making a living.  This all might change when her night of work in East St. Louis turns into a do-or-die as she shoots two men sneaking up on her as she inspects Danny lying in the trunk of the car.

From then on, Danny has to protect himself and Sam and her son from the rest of the drug lords.  And he can’t tell Sam he’s an undercover agent, not just a scoundrel dealing with the drug scene.

Sam is upset with herself as her attraction to Danny creates an unwanted need from a man with such an insidious background.

Danny doesn’t want Sam involved, but what can he do at this point?

Robards shows you what he can do as Sam and Danny collectively outmaneuver their followers to remain alive.

It’s an exciting novel to read as the tension constantly shifts and all the “bad guys” aren’t named until the end.


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