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Wednesday, May 27, 2015

New Romantic Suspense Release: Kiss the Killer (From the CIA 2)!

“Have you killed anyone?”  Swedish chemist Alina Runesson feared his answer.  Men have died for her.

“Not today.”  CIA Agent Vic Grant responded callously.  Women were not part of his agenda.  

It’s hard to admit they have a connection called love and have to trust it’s not fatal.

That's what you'll find in the second of my series, From the CIA!  The ebook's release was yesterday, May 26, three weeks earlier than planned as, amazingly enough, the editing was right on.
The following discussion gives you a taste of the world my agents live in and the people they run into (or kill!) in Kiss the Killer (From the CIA 2).  The paperback is scheduled for July.  Read on to learn more about the spine tingling adventure of Alina Runesson and Vic Grant...   

 Kiss the Killer (MF)

Chemist Alina Runesson lives in Sweden under the government’s witness protection program.  Her look-alike cousin is imprisoned in Baghdad and fiancĂ© killed saving Alina from the same fate.  She cannot love a man because he will die for her, but she needs help to rescue her cousin.

CIA Agent Vic Grant escapes to Sweden to correct the illegal orders of his boss.  Vic plans to recover his agents left by the US to be buried with their assignments.  Sometimes the bad guy has to be killed along the way.  His life is not made for relationships.

Vic and Alina meet by chance and align their missions. 

Tension, frustration, and sparks of passion guide Vic and Alina as they execute their personal goals.  Their itinerary is repeatedly changed according to assaults by double agents and terrorist. 

He kills, she kills, and bodies are left on the side. 

They have a connection called love and have to trust it’s not fatal.

Please read my book, please love my book, and let me know!

Happy reading,
Dawn Kunda



  1. Congrats, Dawn! Sounds like an awesome book :D

  2. Thank you, Nicolette! Heck, I'd buy it just for the cover this time:)