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Sunday, May 24, 2015

Pure Romance Box Set of 10 Romances for 99 Cents!

USA Today, bestselling, and award winning authors share their favorite romances in this boxed set that includes suspense, paranormal, science fiction, contemporary, and historical stories of pure romance. 

Available for Pre-order. Releases June 15th!

aHunter4Rescue - Cynthia Clement
A unit of elite alien warriors, known as Hunters, crash lands on earth. Fiona witnesses the collision and helps the wounded. Their leader, Ardal, is torn between getting his men to safety and protecting Fiona, the woman he has bonded with.

Dreaming of Him - Wendy Ely
Loneliness has clouded Amber Addaire's life for a while. It's only when she starts dreaming of a familiar man that she begins to feel better. Trace is a spirit stuck on earth long enough to let his childhood friend know how much she meant to him before he died. He can only communicate with her through her dreams and hopes she will realize who he is soon.

Studs and Stilettos - Bev Pettersen
An aspiring actress struggles to prove her worth on a Kentucky movie set shadowed by the mysterious disappearance of a groom twenty years ago. However, her hopes for redemption are threatened by a sexy horse trainer…and a stone-cold killer.

Protecting Katie – H. D. Thomson
Morgan Stone will do anything to keep his daughter, Katie. But would he steal? Lie? Cheat? Most definitely. Caught in the middle of a battle between two men, Kristin doesn’t know whom to trust. She finds herself falling for Morgan, her fiancĂ©’s enemy. But when it comes to loving Kristen, will Morgan be willing to give up everything, even Katie?

More Than Cookies - Christine DePetrillo
Caterer Sage Stannard is sick of watching everyone else get served a happily ever after. When will it be her turn? Chainsaw artist Orion Finley is itching to carve a new life for himself with his daughter. How can he get custody back from his ruthless ex-wife? When Sage and Orion meet over a bloody couch, will they need more than cookies to sweeten each other and make their dreams come true?

Elusive Justice – K. T. Roberts
Book Two of the Gerard-Kensington Series. Two detectives, two cases…seemingly unrelated until a baffling discovery entwines them forever.

Poetic Justice - Alicia Rasley
A renegade rare-books dealer and an heiress embark on a sham betrothal for a lofty literary aim–to prove Shakespeare really was Shakespeare. It would be the greatest acquisition of his checkered career–a play in Shakespeare's own hand. But between John and his prize is an obsessed villain. The heiress can lead him to his goal, but only if he'll risk his life, his freedom, and his loner's heart.

The Mating Moon - Buffy Christopher
Ivy knows that as a female Were-tiger, finding a mate is supposed to be her top priority. But when you can't control your animal side why does that matter? Add being traumatized by a recent violent attack from her past she feels like she can't win! How can she control her tiger during the full moon when she’s more concerned about being killed?

Immortal Heat - Loni Lynne
Book One in The Guardians of Dacia Series. Some legends are better left to folklore. Marilyn Reddlin refuses to take heed of a stranger’s warnings to leave Romania. Draylon Conier must save her from herself and the legend before they both succumb to Immortal Heat.

Loons of a Feather - Kayce Lassiter
Book One in The Delta Jane Series. One woman, two men, an inept fairy godfather in pink cowboy boots, a redneck fairy godmother on a Harley with lips tattooed on her ass, and a love-match in the making. What the hell can go wrong with that? 

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  1. Thanks Dawn, Marie, Lexi, Nicolette and Kayce for posting about our box set. We hope readers discovery new authors they'll love!

  2. Hello! I hope everyone enjoys this great box set as part of their summer time reading! Thanks for having us!

  3. Hi and thanks for highlighting our great box set. It's just in time for summer. I hope everyone enjoys!

  4. This will be good beach reading for those lucky enough to go to a beach this summer! (I live in the Midwest, so a long way from the beach. :) Thanks, Alexis!

    1. You're welcome, Alicia. I'm thinking even without a beach, for 99 cents you can't beat this for summer reading :-)

  5. Thanks for sharing our box set! It's a total bargain for 10 stories to heat up your ereader this summer!