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Wednesday, June 24, 2015

People of the Wolf by Michael Gear and Kathleen O'Neal Gear

For those of you who love historical fiction, here’s one not to miss.  People of the Wolf is staged in prehistoric times with a lot of theory and bits and pieces of factual findings during the ice age. 

We are introduced to an ancient clan, People of the Wolf, and their trials and fight to simply survive.

The clan has a new, young leader attaining the name Wolf Dreamer.  A dreamer is the strongest of a clan and can often see the future through dreams hinting and telling the dreamer what their clan must do.People of the Wolf

A sticky attribute of a dreamer is that he or she cannot claim a spouse for the spouse will interfere in pure dreams.

Dancing Fox has been waiting for Wolf Dreamer to take her from her forced position of wife to a false dreamer.

Wolf Dreamer loves Dancing Fox, but is more concerned about saving his clan from the forces of nature and fighting clans.  The dream he believes in splits the clan into believers and non-believers.

The story tells an epic tale of travel, starvation, attacks, and the curse of love, so different from contemporary issues.  Dancing Fox has three men contending for her heart in radically different ways. 

The outcome of the life of the clan and the man who wins and keeps Dancing Fox’s heart is a tense and surprising journey.  Definitely take time for this novel.


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  1. I enjoy prehistoricals and have pinned this for TBR. Thanks so much.

  2. Thanks, Flossie! The husband and wife writers are archeologists and have written a huge prehistoric series. I plan on reading more myself.

  3. Love this site and the chance to win the box set.