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Sunday, June 7, 2015

Toying Around with You and a Giveaway!

We have a special guest here at Happily Ever After Thoughts today, Carolyn with Passion Parties! Why is she special? Because she has an expertise and a giveaway we’ve never had on our blog. This is an over 18 blog, so get ready for some straight talk about sex toys. And don’t forget to enter the rafflecopter for some super hot massage lotion ;-) Take it away, Carolyn!

Why do women love sex toys?  The reasons are many and varied because we women are many and varied too! They can help discover or increase the ability to orgasm, complement or enhance fantasies (ooo...maybe while reading one of Lexi’s books!), and spark communication with a partner. And the #1 reason to use toys: toys are FUN, as toys should be and sex toys do things people can’t: revolve, vibrate, bend and twirl. WOW!

Massage and/or vibration bring blood to an area and makes it more sensitive to touch.  Since most women require quite a bit more stimulation to achieve orgasm, adding a sex toy to foreplay can significantly shorten the duration. Compare a slow cooker to a microwave oven: most women need about 20-minutes of foreplay compared to most men needing about 5 minutes. See where “evening up the play field” will benefit both?  Even women who are “flying solo” will benefit from orgasms...the body doesn’t care how it is achieved, as long as it gets it.

Remember the famous sex toy episode from “Sex and the City”? The “rabbit” is probably the most popular style vibrator because it has both a shaft and a clitoral stimulator. The rabbit was the clitoral design used by the first developers but it merely refers to any toy that has that feature, which could be any animal, bird, butterfly or just a simple appendage with no design.  The shaft might have a built-in vibrating bullet or two, or it might have beads that turn.  The clitoral stimulator usually vibrates but can also have many adjustments for pulses and escalations to create whatever combination is preferred.  

Unfortunately, toys do not lube back, so be sure to use personal lubricant with toys because wetter is better; use only water-based lubes with silicone toys (I promote water-based lubes for everyone and every toy).  For health reasons and the health of the toys, use a toy cleanser that has been specially created to clean them; plain water won’t clean them thoroughly, alcohol will damage the surface of many toys, and soap can leave a residue that will transfer to a woman’s insides and we know how THAT feels in the morning!

There's no disputing that orgasms feel good.  Sex toys can provide better, stronger, longer orgasms, which is a good thing.


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