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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Drawing Lessons by Julia Gabriel

The rules have changed.  It’s acceptable to be interested in another man when a woman is going through a divorce filed by her husband.

Marie Witherspoon figured this out when her best friend gifted her drawing lessons with a local artist, Luc Marchand.  Yes, he’s very French!

Marie thought her marriage was for love, yet her senator-husband considered it a great connection for business.  Marie’s father is also a senator.  Marie’s husband thinks he’s found a better prospect in the women’s aisle and wants to rid himself of his dead-weight wife.Drawing Lessons

Sex and drawing go well together and the story is very sensuous.  Yet, Luc and Marie have baggage, which gets heavier when Marie’s husband wants to call off the divorce. 

I enjoyed the provocative romance played between Luc and Marie, and as I began to wonder what the conflict might be, the bomb dropped.  Luc and Marie must now leave fairytale land and deal with the husband. 

Drawing Lessons is an old fashioned romance with a bucket-load of modern problems.  A great read for a chilly autumn night.

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