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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Daughter of the Red Deer by Joan Wolf

Pre-history has an elusive and raw quality, which I was lucky enough to encounter another well written and engaging novel set in the ice age along the Pyrenees in France. 
The tribe of the Horse loses many of their women to tainted water and must resort to stealing the women from the tribe of the Red Deer.  The leader of the tribe of the Horse, Mar, a tall, powerful, and evocative man, watches the women of the Red Deer to learn their habits and the best time to kidnap them.
The women of the tribe of the Red Deer seclude themselves for a journey to get ready for mating season.  Alin will have her first man that she’s chosen to create children.  The women of Red Deer are powerful leaders and choosers of destiny and men.Daughter of the Red Deer (Reindeer Hunters, #1)
The tribe of the Horse is successful in the capture of the Red Deer women.  The conflicts between the men and women contribute to a rich story on compromise, deceit, and the unforeseen love building between Mar and Alin.
You also have to remember that nothing happens quickly in this prehistoric world.  Communications, travel, the supply of clothes and food, and the retaliation from the women’s original tribe must be planned for and waited for. 
A great tribute about this story is that when you believe the rest is obvious, a knot forms in the string of events.  It’s an exciting and epic tale of how the tribe of the Red Deer will fight for their members, yet the tribe of the Horse has the opportunity to overcome the battle with more than just a return fight, but rather patience and love. 
It’s a tear jerker and the hardship of the pre-historic lives makes you wonder how they endured and survived.
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