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Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Broken by Karen Slaughter

There’s a possibility of multiple matches in Broken, as long as they live past the knife. 

Special Agent Will Trent is sent to Georgia to assist in a probable triple homicide.  Each victim was stabbed in the back of the neck.  The murderer likes to set up their work as a suicide, but Will is too smart to fall for that old trick.Product Details

Officer Lena Adams, stationed in Georgia, has a professionally dark past along with other force members.  Evidence tampering might be the least of Lena and her partner's worries.  Will studies her and the rest of the police force while Lena tries to investigate the deaths. 

Dr. Sara Linton is called to help and drags her broken heart back to her home base.

Lena’s love life defies her past dark actions.

It’s a curious thing as to whether Will ends up with Sara or Lena.    

Who ends up happy in the end?  Who ends up not being killed and how can the killer evade the facts and evidence discovered? 

Slaughter keeps you guessing on all accounts of the story and the ending surprised me, so be prepared.

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