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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

I'll Never Let You Go by Mary Burton

Tennessee is a beautiful state.  A place where a comfortable life can be lived amongst the forests and mountains.  Leah Carson tries to prove this to herself as she guards her psyche from the past.

The past being a husband who tried to stab her to death.  After the attack, her husband was killed in a car accident.Mary Burton I'LL NEVER LET YOU GO cover hi res

Four years later and Leah is still wary of her surroundings.

Things begin to happen – just like for years ago.  It’s almost like her husband is back in town.

Agent Alex Morgan of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation is on the trail of the strange happenings and the new murder in town.  The murder executed in the same manner of Leah’s attack.

Alex and Morgan remain tight with communications and a few other things as the authorities unravel the murder.

I loved this story with its intensity and the fact that Leah is a veterinarian, she has my vote for a happy lifeJ

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