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Wednesday, March 2, 2016

Folly: An Alex Duggins Mystery by Stella Cameron

Call me a sucker for books placed in England.  I adore the atmosphere, the language, and the culture.  This is the first of romantic suspense author Stella Cameron’s series placed in her native country, England.

Alex Duggins moves to Folly-on-Weir after her divorce to start anew by purchasing a pub and doing things for herself.
Folly: A British murder mystery set in the Cotswolds (An Alex Duggins Mystery)

When she finds a dead body of none other than an unknown Monk, things start to unravel. 

A childhood friend, Tony Harrison, deems her necessary of extra attention.  His “in” to get to her is that she adopted the dog found at the murder scene.  Tony’s a veterinarian and must check on the scared dog’s recovery along with watching over Alex.

Too bad more unlikely bodies appear, Alex always being on scene.  Could she be the killer?

Alex doesn’t want help clearing her name, only to find the real killer. 

I enjoyed the mix of the mysterious happenings and the romance blossoming between childhood friends.  Each topic repeatedly takes one step forward and two steps back.  As danger multiplies and invades Alex’s home and business, she’s due for a leap into favorable happenings.  Tony may be the key.

I was a little surprised at the random editorial errors, small in nature, but noticeable.  I still recommend this as a good read as the story kept me engaged well enough to ignore errors.  Give it a shot…I’m mean a try!  I will be reading the next in the seriesJ

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