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Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Old, But Still Cherished

        It’s a beautiful morning here in Arizona. It’s Monday, Labor Day, although by the time you see this, gentle reader, it will be Wednesday (you know me, I like to be prepared) but I digress. Considering that this is a National holiday and I don’t have to be at the day job, I took advantage of it (I did all my Sunday chores yesterday so the day is MINE!). I slept in….well, I slept until 6, which for me really is sleeping in and I plan on doing some fun stuff today (I plan to write but that’s fun for me…I’m on the downhill slide with my latest WIP and the words seem to be coming fast and furious….I LOVE that). 
         Where was I? Oh. Monday. Holiday. No day job. Right.
         I’m making a big batch of chili today because well, it is September and I do love chili (it freezes wonderfully) so as I was stirring the contents of my crock pot, I realized, Oh my gosh! This crock pot is thirty-six years old (yes, I actually said this out loud to myself….and the dog, who waited patiently for me to drop something). It was a wedding gift from my grandmother those many years ago (thanks, Gramma!) It's not your traditional crock pot, but rather a hot plate with removable pot that you can also use on the stove but I love it. Still works great and I use it all the time.
         And that comment got me to thinking (because my brain is a very strange and odd place…what else would one expect from a writer?) what else do I have in this house that’s old (we’re not including me….yes, I’m old and this body of mine still works great…for the most part…I’m still coming to terms with my limitations but we’re not going to talk about that).
         Well, there’s a calf-length winter coat hanging in my closet that I haven’t worn since I left New Jersey in 1983 (this is Phoenix, after all…and I never seem to get cold enough to put it on). Should I get rid of it? Probably, but won’t. There’s a small round table with scalloped edges that was in my grandparent’s apartment for as long as I can remember and now supports a fake plant in my guest room.  Oh, and I can’t forget my Corning Menuette set that I bought when I was sixteen to put in my hope chest (yes, it’s traditional Corning….white with the blue design…still use that…and still have the hope chest, too).  
         What else? Books! Yes, I have books that I purchased way back when I was fourteen. Some are so well loved, they are held together with tape. Some are missing covers and there are a few that have lost a page here and there but these books have been packed up and moved too many times to count (and once from New Jersey to Arizona!), but I just hated the idea of leaving them behind. These stories have been my companions when I was lonely and my refuge when the world becomes too much, you know? Get rid of them? Perish the thought!
         So what do you have around the house that’s old (like me) but still well loved and still functioning just like new (or gently used)?

As always, happy reading!

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