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Friday, September 9, 2016

Witches, Gargoyles, Shifters...Oh, My!

Woo Hoo!!!  I am celebrating my butt off at this end because I have a new story coming out in Volume 2 of the Butterscotch Martini Shots series.  This box set is titled, BodyGuard, and contains four stories from four of the BMGsCan you say “Yeah?!”

The anchor story in this box set is a previously published, and wildly popular, story from the amazing Jennifer Ashley—titled BodyGuard.  I know…awesome how that worked out, right?  LOL
So here’s the new cover…

 …created by yours truly.  Uh-huh!  Hope you love it as much as I do.

The four authors in this set are Jennifer Ashley, Calista Fox, Tia Dani, and me, and I am ecstatic to be running in such incredible company—what talent!

The story officially releases on September 20th, but it is...

Click here NOW to pre-order!  

The pre-order link is finally live, so go order your copy now—and it will ship on September 20th.  And while you are there, you will want to order a copy of Volume 1 – Roses and Rodeo, if you haven’t already got a copy.

Oh, and I almost forgot...You are invited to our Book Release Party on Saturday.  You can search Facebook for Butterscotch Martini Girls LET'S PARTY Spectacular!  Or you can try this link...who knows, it might work.  LOL  And if all else fails, send me a note and I'll send you an invitation.  Have I mentioned it's been a very strange day full of strange glitches?  

Below are some quick story blurbs on the four stories included in this set, followed by an excerpt from my story, Witch’s Pass.  For those of you who have read my Delta Jane Series, you will find this series to be very similar, in that it is light and humorous.  But this time we have fun witches instead of a fun fairy godmother.  Witch’s Pass is a novella-length story that introduces some of the quirky characters you will learn more about in the full-length novels scheduled to begin coming out in 2017.

Enjoy…and don’t forget to order your copy today.  That’s my story, fun and funky, and I’m stickin’ to it.  Hang on tight now, ‘cuz we’re gonna go real, real fast!


Love ya,


Jennifer Ashley
BodyGuard (Shifters Unbound Series)
Elizabeth Chapman is saved from an armed robber by a giant Kodiak bear who shifts
into a large, well-muscled, and fully naked human male. Ronan, the Bear Shifter, takes
her to Shiftertown for safety, where Elizabeth learns that the mateless Ronan, alone in
the world, takes care of Shifters who have also been left on their own. Now, Ronan will
only let Elizabeth leave the confines of Shiftertown if he becomes her 24/7 bodyguard.

Calista Fox
Rise of the Damned (Forever Mine Series)
For centuries, Kage Deville has sworn to protect the mortal soul of Taelyn Abrams—even
though it means watching her die. He’s a demon fighting to keep two worlds from clashing
and she’s a human slayer summoned to life when the threat to the mortals becomes too
great. But something has gone wrong with the resurrection and unless Taelyn's memory
of her true mission returns, a world will be doomed and she will be forever lost to Kage…

Kayce Lassiter
Witch‘s Pass (SpellMaker Series)
Witch princess, Quayk SpellMaker, is in a battle of wills with her father over an
“arranged” marriage to a man she hates. Does she settle for a loveless marriage? Or
risk being without a mate and alone forever?  Gargoyle shifter, Alex McCall, is assigned
to guard Quayk and make sure she marries. But the more time he spends ensuring
Quayk marries another, the more he is drawn to the beautiful, quirky witch.

Tia Dani
Next To Die
Amanda Jackson relocates to Arizona with her new husband. Despite warnings
from a girlfriend, she can’t believe an obsessed psychopath is after her. Until she
sees her name and the words…next to die. To appease his sister, bodyguard Rick
DeLuca reluctantly agrees to keep an eye on Amanda. The dangerous mess he
uncovers reveals an ugly truth. Her perfect husband isn’t who he pretends to be.

Excerpt…Witch’s Pass By Kayce Lassiter

As a princess from a very powerful family, it wasn’t outside the realm of possibility that a coven of witches had kidnapped her and had stirred up an electrical storm to impede the search and cover their trail.
While Alex didn’t think that was the case, it would be impossible for a single witch to bring down an electrical storm, so the timing of a magical storm forced him to consider the possibility this wasn’t what it appeared.
He was determined to follow the trail as long as he could, and keep an eye out for a place to wait out the storm, just in case.
In less than five minutes, the storm raged so badly he could no longer ignore it.  Trees were whipped around by the high winds, and the thunder was so loud he could sense the rumble under his feet.
Alex began to look around in earnest for a place to ride it out.  He considered shifting back, but decided with all the debris being tossed around, it was safer in his “rubber skin”, as the team called it.
While Alex’s skin never hardened to the marble finish other gargoyles experienced, his pliable skin was still tough and couldn’t be cut, punctured, shot, or penetrated by any weapon he’d ever encountered.  So he was still better protected as a gargoyle than as a human.  And the advantage he had over other gargoyles is that in a pliable form, he could still move, while they were rooted to one spot.
As he searched for a cave, or a rock outcropping where he could lay low and avoid lightning strikes, he caught movement from the corner of his eye and whipped his head back to see what it was.
At first, he thought there was nothing there.  But after a few seconds, he noticed a slight movement in his peripheral vision.  When he turned his head to look at the area straight on, it was almost like the air had a translucent finish as it shimmered in the wind.  As he stared, trying to figure out what to do about it, there was a blinding flash of light that forced him to look away momentarily.
When he looked back, the spot was gone.  Instead, there was a woman on the ground who sputtered as she cursed like a sailor, arms and legs flailing as she screamed at the top of her lungs.
Alex was still in his shifted form, and blended into the background, so she hadn’t noticed him.
“Son-of-a-bitch!  You stupid stink weed.”  The woman flailed her arms and legs like a turtle stuck on its back as she fought to stand with a massively heavy pack on her back.
He shifted back to his human form so he had all of his senses, and smiled as he recognized the stunning young woman.
Quayk SpellMaker.
She still hadn’t noticed him, as she continued to issue threats and curse at whatever had pissed her off.
“I will get even with you, so help me, I swear I will.  I’ll set you on fire and I’ll take the hedge trimmers to you, and I’ll…I’ll set you on fire again.”
She finally managed to get her pack off her shoulders and bolted to her feet.  Her cowgirl hat flew off her head and she caught it neatly with one hand as she pulled twigs and leaves from her tangled black hair with the other, still cursing and stomping her feet.
When she finally looked up and saw Alex, she froze.
He smiled.  “Miss SpellMaker, I presume.”
“Who the hell are you?”  She reached for her pack, clearly reluctant to leave it behind.
Alex took a slow step closer, approaching her like he would a scared colt.
Her gaze was wild and she was poised to run, but she wasn’t scared.  She was determined not to be caught.  He could read it in her eyes.
She was the most magnificent woman he’d ever seen.  Her huge ice-blue eyes flashed fire and her thick black hair was wild around her face as she stood in shorts and pink cowgirl boots, with long tanned legs, and her hat in hand.
It was like a punch to the gut, and he swallowed hard to ease the lump in his throat.
This woman is my target.  Her father is my client, not to mention she’s a princess and he’s the freaking King of SpellMaker.
Quayk shifted slightly to get a better hold on her pack.
“Now, Miss SpellMaker, I am not here to hurt you.  But I won’t let you run.  Your family hired me to find you, and I intend to take you home.  So please—don’t try to run.  You’ll jus—.”
She bolted, abandoning the pack in favor of freedom.
“Shit!”  Alex took off after her, shocked at how fast the woman could move.  As she slipped through the forest easily, he was forced to crash through like a bull in a china shop.
As they ran, the storm picked up strength.  The trees were bent almost to the ground and limbs crashed down around them as Quayk continued to put more and more distance between them.
Alex tried to call to her, to warn her this was a magical storm, and extremely dangerous.  He doubted she could hear him.
Suddenly and ear-splitting crack sounded and he watched as a tree began to fall toward Quayk as she bolted through the forest, unaware.
He screamed, “Quayk, look out!”
She must have heard him because she looked back over her shoulder.  Her eyes grew round and she tried to outrun the tree, but he watched as the canopy of the huge pine engulfed her slender body.
Alex hurried toward where he’d last seen her.  He half crawled and half ran, as he scrambled over and through branches to reach her.
Finally, he saw a flash of pink beneath the tree, and he made his way over to the woman as she lay face-down beneath a branch.
When he finally managed to reach Quayk, the first thing he did was check for a pulse.  Strong.  He looked around and didn’t see any blood.
Maybe she just got knocked out.
He pulled a knife from his belt and began to cut branches to free the girl, as lightning flashed close enough to make the hair on his body stand out.
“Shit.”  He talked as he worked to free her.  “Quayk, come on, you have to wake up.  We have to get you out of here.  This storm is dangerous.  Come on, girl, talk to me.  Wake up.”
She groaned.
With the last branch pulled away, he was still afraid to move her, unsure what he would find when he turned her over.
He leaned close.  “Quayk, can you hear me?  Are you hurt?  Can you move?”
“No,” she mumbled with her face still pushed into the ground.
“No what?”  He asked.  “No, you’re not hurt, or no, you can’t move?”
He heard her drag in a ragged breath.  “No, I don’t want to move.  Go away.”
“All right, that’s enough.”  Anger and relief warred inside him—anger at how close she’d come to being killed, and relief that she hadn’t.  He took her snarky response as an indication she was okay.
Standing, he reached down and grabbed her by the waist and hoisted her up until she could get her feet under her.
She grunted, but didn’t scream out in pain.  So as soon as she was able to stand, he bent over and swooped her over his shoulder like a sack of potatoes.
She screamed, but he sensed no pain in the scream, so he started off in search of a place to hide from the storm as she began to kick and buck on his shoulder.
“Put me down, you Neanderthal.  I am not going home.  I’m fine.”
He reached up with his free hand and paddled her on the butt.  “Hold still or I’ll tie you up with a vine and leave you out here to drown in this storm.”
She stopped fighting.  “You’re crazy.  It’s not even raining.”
“It will be.  This storm isn’t natural.  It’s magical, and seems set on killing both of us.”
With that, another bolt of lightning struck the ground at the far side of the clearing.  Quayk screamed loud enough to blow out an eardrum, and Alex crashed through the bushes in the opposite direction as he tried to hold onto the bucking woman on his shoulder.
“Hold still!”  She was getting heavier, and harder to hold onto.
“Cave,” she shrieked.
He froze.  “What?”
She pointed off to the right and screamed again, “Cave.”
He looked in the direction she pointed as a branch crashed down behind him.  “There’s a cave over there?”

“Yes, you idiot.  Get moving or put me down before you kill both of us.”  She bucked again, but he held tight.


  1. Woo Hoo, is right! We're so excited for this new Butterscotch Martini Shots Volume 2.

  2. I'm hooked! Great read. Thanks for posting the preview.

    1. Thanks, Peg. Be sure you go order your copy now, while it's only $.99. :)