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Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Christmas Memories

         My DH and I put up our Christmas tree this past weekend and hanging the ornaments on the tree brought back so many memories of Christmas’s past for me. I do get a little sentimental and that’s okay.
Now, you all know that I have my routines in how I do things (all right, I admit it. I am persnickety…just can’t seem to help myself). Decorating the Christmas tree is no different. There is an order to how it’s done. First, and the most important, are the lights then come all the ornaments my son made for me when he was young. I treasure each and every one of those hand-made precious jewels. After those, I have all the ornaments that were given to me by the special people in my life. I don’t do tinsel….I learned a long time ago that it can get a little messy when you have a dog (she would catch the tinsel on her tail and I’d find it all over the house). The last things to go on the tree are the candy canes (yes, we must have candy canes. It’s a rule.)
When my son was young, my DH would pick up a live tree on his way home from work on Christmas Eve. Once the kid was asleep, he and I would decorate it so my son was doubly surprised on Christmas morning. We did this for quite a few years…and then, we got caught. After that, it became a family thing and we’d all pick out the tree and decorate it together.
My son is grown with a family of his own now (and lives in another state) so there isn’t much opportunity to decorate the tree together, but every time I hang an ornament, especially one that he made, my heart just fills with so much love!
Happy holidays to everyone! Wishing you peace and joy (and lots of good books to read).

As always, happy reading!

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