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Friday, December 23, 2016

Christmas Romance with Lexi Post

I just love writing Christmas Romances, whether Paranormal or Contemporary Cowboy. There's just something about this season that seems to fit so well with falling in love.

A Christmas Carol series is obviously inspired by that wonderful classic about Scrooge, but in my version, it's not a miserly old man that the story pivots around, but a young, heartbroken American widow named Holly who lost her Scottish husband. That husband, Cameron, is now in charge of Spirit guides and has made a deal with his higher ups to use these guides to help his wife.

In the first book, Pleasures of Christmas Past, we meet Duncan, who is from late 18th Century Scotland and his mentee Jessica, who is from present day America. In the second book, Desires of Christmas Present, we meet Coco from present day America and Ian from present day Scotland.  Both couples help Holly, but they also learn something very important about themselves, which allows them to grow and be open to their own happy endings.

My contemporary cowboy stories are a little more "down to earth" ;-) When Love Chimes is actually a prequel to Desires of Christmas Present, but it is straight contemporary. In this story, Lynzie finds herself pregnant just as her old flame, cowboy and Army veteran, Ryan, returns to town to help his grandfather. This short novella explores love on a number of levels, including Ryan's love for his fellow veterans , which has inspired his new project.

Another cowboy Christmas story available is Christmas with Angel, a novella that links the Poker Flat series with the Last Chance series. In this story, Lacey and Cole discover what's really important at Christmas when Angel, Lacey's horse, is tracked down by its former owner, and Lacey becomes the the only thing that stands between Angel and more abuse. We also meet Whisper, the heroine in Trace's Trouble, a New Year's story.

I hope that you find that at least one, if not more, bring you the spirit of the season. There will definitely be more next year as I continue A Christmas Carol with Temptations of Christmas Future

Until then, I wish you a wonderful holiday, no matter which one you celebrate, and I look forward to seeing you next year!

Always, Lexi


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    1. Colleen, I hope your Christmas was spectacular! Happy New Year!